The Matrimony Between the Gospel and Money is Unholy.

The matrimony between the Gospel and money is an unholy alliance that has made inroads into the institutional church because of the money mongering celebrity pa-star televangelists who have polluted the Gospel my making it to be about Jesus and greenbacks. That deception has now been swallowed by a lot of institutional churches. People are promised God's blessing for their money, and the gullible are falling for it in  hordes. People please understand...owning million dollar mansions, million dollar jets, strings of luxury cars, pastoring large institutional churches, having a large TV following, like the fear- mongering money hungry peddlers who merchandize the gospel for their benefit, is not a sign of God's blessing or them or that they are God's spiritual elite that has his favor. It is more of a sign of how gullible we have been to allow ourselves to be deceived by it. and to support such a manipulator.

The religious idolatry of name-tagged buildings, the manipulation and control of people and buck-raking-in has turned the gospel of Christ into a gospel of me-ism to the point that if there was no money there would be no gospel! A gospel that is money driven is not the gospel that is Spirit driven that Jesus promised His people would be a part of. 

What keeps these money-hungry fear-mongering charlatans able to pollute the gospel with their perversions? To our shame it is US, our gullibleness and deception has rendered us spiritually devoid of  true spiritual discernment that is needed to perceive the fraudulent spirit behind the mask of the religious self-righteous, egotistic and manipulating wolves in sheep's clothing. We are so spiritually blind to our own corporate selfishness and alliance with that which is unholy, that we fail to see the wrongness in such a message. It is sad but, believers are the ones who keep these money-grabbing-grubbers going. Stop feeding them money and they will fade away like last years snowfall.

Oh, they will tell you it is not about the money...prove them...stop giving your money to them and watch how fast they disappear from the scene.


  1. This Scripture doesn't read like this in my King James Bible. I guess it`s paraphrased to make it say what you want it to say. This is usually what many grace people do to make the Bible say something it doesn`t.


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