An accusation against, "christians"  is that they are fakers. The truth of the matter is, in many cases the accusation is valid!

To many Christians put on a pious spiritual front around other people to where their entire demeanour changes and they become a different person than they are in life living. This turns unbelievers off because they sense the facade of authenticity that takes place.  

Christians need to live in the real world and realize that people have good built-in crap detectors. The one thing these detectors sniff out faster than anything else is fake authenticity.

Christians are projected as being all tarred with the same brush. They present themselves as being cloned from the same mould. There are differences between the different denominated moulds but, within each denominational mould all members are cloned alike. Their individuality is overshadowed by the spiritual mask that is so far removed from the reality of daily living that the facade is easily picked by people's built-in crap detectors.  

Behind these facade fronts we hide our quirks, our humanity, our mistakes and our failures. Because of the performance based mentality of attaining spiritual maturity and having the group acceptance, an hypocritical approach is maintained to look good spiritually in the eyes of the hierarchy "spiritual elites" within the denomination they are Christians under.

Believers, we need to own our quirks, they are what make us unique individuals, they also let nonbelievers know we are human and subject to the failures that is common to the human race, instead of presenting to them a lifestyle that unbelievers know they are unable to maintain, one which their crap detectors let them know that the believer's lifestyle is not the perfect one that it is fabricated to be.    

It is not a mark against believers to be honest and upfront about the struggles they face. In fact, it is a better way to authenticate their relationship with God who completely understands our humanity. 
Granted, we live in a society, secular and religious, in which the personality cult runs ramped and is accepted that perceived perfection and performance excellence profits to get the spiritual elite positions and the gaining of religious celebrity status.

This trend is dangerous...believers are human with the same flaws as other humans. When we openly share our flaws, other people see us as real people and will be less likely to elevate us to the pedestal of the super-duper, spiritual-elite faker!   

Believers do not have to live a double standard. We have no right to expect other people to lead a life that we ourselves are not complying with. It is time to end the facade that most people detect is hiding the trueness of who we are. 

Let's make an effort to be who we genuinely are. Our authenticity will attract people to the Gospel because being a believer does not negate our humanity, and out honesty in that matter will help confirm our trust in our Father God full of grace and love.

People, if as believers we walk around in a air of spiritual superiority by concealing our humanity, the possibility of falling flat on our face is more apt to happen. By being real and being ourselves we will become more than ourself because the greater one is in us and working through us, in-spite of our humanity.   


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