Asembling Fruit.

The general condition of religious assembling in segregated denominated buildings, produces what kind of fruit?

Does it produce the unity of Christ's body or does it promote segregation of Christ's body with unity of doctrinal beliefs?

Does it promote freedom in Christ or does it promote the bondage of religion?

Does it promote Christ devotion and living or does it promote religion devotion and living?

Does it promote the vibrant life of Christ or does it drain life from people who are trapped by it.

Though the songs of freedom in Christ are sung and the words of freedom are spoke can we honestly say that freedom in Christ is reality?

Do people see an environment of mercy, goodness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love of God or do they see a fear-based-environment in which the worst is anticipated where people are threatened with poverty if they fail to give of their money...threatened with sickness and disease if they do not obey the bible as it is believed by the sect they belong to...condemned to eternal damnation in hell fire if they do not turn to God...and where believers are treated like reprobates that need the rigid safeguards of religious rules to keep their fleshly appetites in check and signed membership forms to keep them in the denominational fold?

God is not a fear-monger nor does He manipulate people to get them to yield to Him. That sort of teaching stems from the conjoined twin gospel of the law and fear gospel and fosters a relationship of torment because it is not predicated or perfected by love.

An environment of mercy, compassion and love promotes freedom and it cannot be tainted with fear or polluted by manipulation and control of people.

Christ died for our freedom...choose to live in it.


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