Churches...Gospel...Religion. Part 1.

 Churches...I speak of church here as religion's offsprings of segregated denominated name-tagged buildings that house Sunday-go-meeting people...are so distracted and confused and deceived by religious issues and bound by man-made denominational traditions, the result being that true relationship with God and with each other is hindered and the work of the Community of the Redeemed unknown.  Churches have walked away from their first love and are walking in the smallness of their denominated agendas.  Being a follower of Christ is not their first priority (though it is verbalized), following religion is.  They are busy with their own plans, agendas and bickering over minor issues. 
Denominational influence is limiting our relationship with God and with our fellow believer by our walking in the smallness of denominational and private agendas.  Consumed by a blurred and wrong vision, the flock is perplexed, bewildered and confused, sometimes without realizing it.
The baggage of religious trappings must be dropped at the rent veil to the Holy of Holies by anyone who wants to know and experience true gospel of God's Grace. We are spiritually ignorant and insecure because we are denominationally wise and mature in its doctrinal manure and it is hindering the work of God in the Community of Humanity.
The Community of the redeemed must minister according to God's plan to build His kingdom.  Leaders who minister according to denominated agendas build according to there denominated illumination and according to their own patterns.  These leaders nor the people under their influence can't discern the depths of God, they can never see clearly concerning the purpose of the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity.
By religious externalism, majoring on minor issues, love for approval of the hierarchy, selfish cover-up, legalistic rules and regulations and self-deception, the religionists have not only lost the light on the gospel candle thus, preventing the people that follow them from lighting the gospel candle. They are presenting a different Jesus and a different gospel then the Bible portrays.

Religion is worthless because people depend on external actions to make them right with God or to keep them right with God. Religion is dangerous, not because it is overtly bad but because it is confidently good enough to turn our trust away from Christ.  The tendency is to reject confidence in what Christ has done and replace it with something that we can do for ourselves.

The Community of the Redeemed is not identified by modern-day religion calling itself Christianity, composed of Sunday-go-meeting attendance to thousands of segregated denominated buildings called church, whereby most of the people are pew-warmers beholding the performance of the spiritual denominated elite and whipped into a spiritual frenzy by denominational theatrics. That is a counterfeit gospel and a very poor one at that.

Part 2 to follow.

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