Churches...Gospel...Religion. Part 2.

 The Community of Redeemed indwelt by Christ, results in the ability, the power and the anointing of Christ flowing through the redeemed that touches, saves, heals, and transforms people in the Community of Humanity. The Grace gospel empowers you to love and forgive people as the are. Grace will cause you to put a higher priority on pleasing God than on pleasing religion. Grace empowers the heart of every redeemed person, do not let man, even good religious men detour you from Christ working in you and through you as His gospel witness.
We cannot expect people to embrace a Savior they know nothing of because of religious  interference. As ambassadors for Christ, believers have the responsibility of living in such a way that others see Christ in all His glory because of them.  We are the only Jesus most people will ever see in this lifetime. That being the case, it is no wonder that so many non-believers want nothing to do with Christ or His Church. They know to many Christians who are not Christlike.
 The Community of the Redeemed is the visible Body of Christ on earth.  It is the only Church that the gates of hell cannot not prevail against. It is the only force that will demonstrate to the world and dead religion that Jesus is the resurrected Son of God because of the resurrection power flowing through its members meeting the needs of Community of Humanity.
If as believers we are willing to be yielded to Christ, God by His Holy Spirit will free us from religious bondage and will work through us to influence the Community of Humanity towards Him. Total dependence in and total surrender to the Holy Spirit cannot do anything but help us shake of the religious bands and produce in us a Spirit-filled life that manifests the resurrection Life of Christ flowing from our very being that will cause the devil and his demons to tremble. If you are submitted to the Holy Spirit, Christ's life within you cannot be hid. It will need no denominated billboard announcement, it will need no celebratized preacher's self-exaltation, the fruit that springs forth from your life will be the work of Christ working through you.  That kind of life will affect those you come in contact with in the Community of Humanity.  All who meet you will be compelled to see in you the faith, love and the freeing power of the grace gospel.
Are you tired of doing things for God that He never initiated instead of working with God to fulfill His plan in the Community of Humanity? Are  you weary of trying to work man-made plans in religious programs to fulfill God's purposes? Are you fed up with ministry activities that have nothing to do with the gospel or God's purpose for the Community of the Redeemed?  

If so, seek God's teacher...His open your understanding of the dynamic accomplishment  of the finished work of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection.

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