Religion's Irony.

 The underlying irony of religion is that spiritual things are rooted in self and feeds the sin of pride. People can invest all their time in religious performance activities and be convinced they are godly. This spiritual deception is at work right from the pew-warmer to the superintendent charmer. Establishing titles to identify and set people in a spiritual elite class distinction is catering to the self importance of self. Religious activities such as being a special singer, being on the worship team, being the leader of some man-invented ministry, being the pastor, being a part of the hierarchy structure, if not submitted to God is breeding ground for SELF to feel important and to want the spot light. The snare of religion is that people get caught in the control of a Jezebel spirit where self is operating under the guise of spirituality.

We would do well to heed the words of Jesus... “What good is it for man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?” (Luke 9:25). The acquisition of titles, prestige or power in the religious world based on self-efforts through talents, education or our abilities hinder the work of God in the Community of Humanity. With regards to following Jesus He prefaced the question with a clarion call, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). Being full of yourself and selfish desires is not the blueprint to follow Jesus. Self and Jesus does not mix. Self doesn't want to follow Jesus to crucifixion.

Deliverance from self is freedom from the tyranny of religion and its self-edifying dominance over God's people. When we satisfy on our wants and desires by feeding on the mishmash of religious hogwash we eventually dull our spiritual senses and accept religion's way as God's way.

When we are set free from the domination of religious control we see more clearly what true spirituality is and view our life from God's perspective rather than religion's distorted perspective. Only then will we see the folly of religion and settle for nothing less than God's best for our be free in Jesus Christ.

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