The Elusiveness of Contentment in Living Life.

Some people tie contentment to the stuff that can be accomplished or attained as they climb the ladder of success. The more success is attained the more stuff that can be attained. If I had that vocation...I would be content, if I could make 100,000 dollars a year...I would be content, if I could have that woman or that man...I would be content, if I could live in the influential part of town...I would be content, and the “if I's” go on and on. Even though the pursuit of contentment, peace and happiness is God given and is not wrong, the object of acquiring that contentment can be wrong depending on how and what we do to gain that contentment. Contentment eludes us because we search for wrong stuff to bring contentment as well we search for it in the wrong places, thus we become disillusioned with life.

Contentment in life is not found in things and nothing will bring contentment unless it is first found in our relationship with God. God wants people to be content, happy and full of joy, but the reality of contentment is found in the good news of God's grace that is found in Jesus Christ. When our contentment is found in Him we will be content in whatever situation we may find ourselves in.
The gospel is good news, not bad news, not threatening news, It is not punishment news, it is not fear-mongering news, it is not you live under a curse news, it is not hellfire-and brimstone news! It is good news, exhilarating news, it is not disappointing news, it is freedom from bondage news. It is a contentment bringing news!

True contentment is not in our doing things to make us happy, contentment is found in the knowledge and understanding of the grace gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a contented and happy person.

Have you ever wondered why religion paints Jesus looking so somber and smile-less. Why is he captured as a stressed out, spaced out joyless person, when He is nothing like that. Do you think that kids would have been attracted to and want to hang around with Jesus if He was a unsmiling, grumpy and expressionless man. Is that the kind of person that care-free happy, playful and fun loving kids want to be around. Off course not! I mean, there were so many kids wanting to hang around with Jesus that His disciples felt they had to put a stop to it.

Jesus was a happy, smiling, laughing, joyful and contented person. Just read what Hebrews 1:9 says of Him. “...God your God has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else.” Jesus was the happiest guy around.

Contentment is a natural result of of knowing God and experiencing His love and grace and being in relationship with Him through Jesus' accomplishment and finished work of the cross.

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