The Most Misunderstood Person in Religion.

Not only is Jesus misunderstood by adherents of various religions in the world, He is also grossly misunderstood by Christians who believe Jesus Christ is the founder of their religion called Christianity.

Jesus did not come to start a religion called “Christianity”.
Jesus did not come to build segregated name-tagged denominated buildings called “the House of God”.
Jesus did not come to cause religious disunity because of man-made belief systems.
Jesus did not come to form Sunday-Go- Meeting-Clubs to have His people be pew-warmers.
Jesus did not come so “celebrity pa-stars” could be star performers and build ministry empires unto themselves.
Jesus did not come to create denominated seminaries to train people for full time ministry.
Jesus did not come to form religious hierarchies to rule over denominated movements.
Jesus did not come to create religious organizations in order to coral people in denominational stalls.
Jesus did not come to form a spiritual elite class called the “clergy”.
Jesus did not come to create a spiritual lower class called the “laity”.
Jesus did not come to control people by manipulation and deception.
Jesus did not come to be a Pharisee, Sadducee or a Herodian.
Jesus did not come to join the Sanhedrin Council.
Jesus did not come to sit on the council of Jerusalem.
Jesus did not come to be a religious icon.
Jesus did not come to be a part of religious tradition.
Jesus did not come to join a religious denomination.
Jesus was not a religious leader.
Jesus never sanctioned religious organizations.
Jesus never preached religion.
Jesus never supported religion.
Jesus never asked His followers to give money to religion.
Jesus did not wave placards boycott or demonstrate in support of christian causes.
Jesus did not segregate from sinners. He associated with them.
Jesus did not hate sinners. He loved them.
Jesus never took money from people in order for them to receive a blessing or healing, He believed in “freely you have received, freely give.
Jesus never drew people to Himself by fear-monger preaching or condemning sinners to hell.
Jesus did not come to condemn the people of the world, He came to save the people of the world.

Yet the religion of “Christianity” whose adherents claim to follow such things and more besides. Religion has reduced Jesus..the Son of the Living a religious leader and made Him iconic in the religious world by presenting Him as the founder of one of the biggest religions in the world.

This is sacrilege, a lie that has made Jesus the most misunderstood person in religion and has hindered the cause of Christ in the Community of the Redeemed regarding the salvation of people in the Community of Humanity.

The greatest opposition that Jesus faced in His earthly ministry was not from sinners...they loved Him and He loved was from the religious people. In fact they conspired to kill Him.

What is it that makes Christ so misunderstood in religion today? Put simply, it is because people attach man's ideas and denominated understandings to Him and use Him as a drawing card for the business of religion, rather than letting His Spirit establish our understanding of Him and the accomplishment He made through His death and resurrection in the establishment of His Grace Gospel.

Once His Grace Gospel is understood and lived it will end religion, at least for the people who understand.


  1. I guess it must make you feel very special in eyes of God by setting yourself up as the only one who understands Jesus. You say Jesus never came to condemn the world and rightly so but you don`t mind condemning others just because they are of a different religious persuasion than you are.

    And don`t say you are not of any religious persuasion because if you believe in this false grace teaching that is sweeping our churches today than that is your religion. Who ever taught that in last days just before Christ returns the battle lines would be drawn against false grace,( some call it hyper grace) and true grace. There are those claiming to have a new revelation of grace but it is same old lie that satan has been trying to foster on body of Christ ever since beginning of time.

    Thank God for all those down through history who have fought the good fight and have gone to their reward. They were willing to sacrifice and take the message that Jesus came to save sinners around the world. Don`t tell me they didn`t understand Jesus because of name tag that they carried. Sad to say many today in modern day grace movement are not taking the gospel around the world because they don`t even believe that sinners are lost. They believe that everyone is reconciled to God even if they don`t want to repent and come to God.

    They streatch Col.1:20 to make it say what they want it to say.


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