They Can't All Be Right...can they?

Religion has persuaded most people in Christendom that it is so spiritually legit that they fail to realize the debt of deception that it is predicated upon. Therefore, the results of religion...judging, guilt and condemnation are so shrouded with self-righteousness that it is difficult to identify by the masses that are caught in its deception. But, when believers breaks free from religious bondage Grace’s power provides the freedom Jesus died for us to liven in.

Rather than trusting in the Grace of God religion trusts in the arm of the flesh practicing rules and regulations to grow spiritually and maintain a relationship with God. Religion is the greatest hindrance the the plan of God, both for the Community of Humanity and the Community of the Redeemed.

Spiritual maturity does not depend on reaching some standard based on how high you can get on the rule keeping religious measuring stick such as going to “church”, paying tithes, or signing the membership form. Spiritual maturity comes only by what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection. Doing religious do's or or not doing the don’ts do not MAKE you righteous. 

Righteousness comes by only trusting in Jesus' righteousness which He has appropriated to us.

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