Which Tree are You Eating From?

If we are truly living in the grace life we are free from fleshly performance focused attempts to please God or or to gain acceptance and recognition from religious elite. 

Describing grace living to a religious law living person is like describing color to a person blind from birth. Many Christians have lamented the deadness of religious life, their verbalization goes like this "we go through the motions of ritual performance Sunday after Sunday only to come back the next Sunday to go through the same motions." Even though something inside of them searches for the reality of the gospel good news, they settle for the hog-wash mixture of left over religious stews and never experience feeding on the life of Christ that brings freedom and contentment in living life daily as the Community of the Redeemed. The hope of better days in religion is a myth that is continually jaded by disappointments that leads to continual frustrations because kingdom life eludes them. Believers constantly return to religion in their relentless desire to find the rest and vitality of life where they will never thirst for living water again, but as long as they are drinking from the well of religion, they are not drinking from the wellspring of life the only source of satisfaction. The harder they try to get if from religion, the more it eludes them.

God wants nothing more than for His children to enjoy a spiritual satisfying relationship with Him, but it cannot happen without drawing from the source He has provided...Jesus. There are no substitutes that will provide this satisfying relationship...not religion...not religious rule and ritual keeping...not law keeping...not denominational teaching...not the reading of books...net even the reading of the Bible...it is only the Christ life within that wells up as the wellspring of living water satisfying the thirsty soul. There is no correlation between a person's religious zeal performance based activity and the depth of God's life they experience.

That life is found in Him alone (I John 5:11-12), and only by learning to feast from Him who is the Tree of Life will we experience His life and know the reality that our hearts desperately long for. 

That entails receiving nutrients from a different tree than the tree of religious knowledge of Good and Evil that we have grown accustomed to eating from. Receive nutrients from the Tree of Life...Jesus Himself!


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