For people to conclude that the setup of government and the justice system with their rule and regulatory control of people is the way that God’s government among His people should be set up with the same hierarchy, and rule regulated control by keeping the law is spiritually irresponsible and scripture illiterate.

The Bible informs us that Satan is the god of this world system and without rules and regulations put in place by man to control Satan he would run-a-muck and anarchy would reign because people in the world are in nonrecognition of who is behind the reign of anarchy that would prevail without rules and regulations to control it.

However, Father God is God of His people and people in His kingdom are to operate in love and when people operate in love and because LOVE (God) is in them the hierarchy structure of control is foreign to the rule of LOVE.

The Kingdom of God extends only as far as the love of God is accepted and if love is the the working factor in His people.

The way that authority is exercised is really important. Living in God's kingdom using the authority of the world system to manipulate and control God's  people is evil. 

Obedience can be exercised in different ways. The soldier obeyed the centurion because he knew that he would be punished if he disobeyed. The centurion had the coercive power of the Roman Empire behind him. This is authority from the hierarchy of human structure. One person accepts another’s authority because the other has the power to enforce his will. That power may be legal power, as is the case of the centurion. 

The other kind of obedience comes from the outflow of love where a people choose freely submit to one another out of mutual respect and love for one another.

Men of authority amongst God’s people are doing it voluntary through God’s appointing, it is never oppressive. When a person chooses to submit to authority, they remain free. They are free to step out from under that authority at any time. People who freely submit to the authority of a God appointed leader, they lose nothing in prestige or dignity, because they still have their freedom.

When people freely submit to a leader, they create authority that did not previously exist. This is why submission is important in the scriptures. When Believers submit, they are increasing the scope of authority and bringing greater order to life.

Love and freedom meet perfectly in authority because of Mutual submission to each other.

For His will to be done, we must freely choose to submit to Him. He will not use force to make us obey His will or signed membership forms to make people obey Him. He prefers people to obey Him, because they have chosen to love Him, not because of the rules and regulations of suppressive religion.

God is so against using authority as is in the world system that many people are not even certain that He exists. If He wanted to use that authority, He would make everyone on earth understand His holiness. He could reveal his majesty on earth and force people to obey Him, but He has chosen a different way. The fact that many people do not understand his awesome nature proves that He is not using the world’s system of authority that governments and the justice system use.

God’s kingdom operates in a totally different way from the kingdom of the world. Jesus condemned the rulers for using the world’s system of authority. They “lord it over” their people and use force to get them to do what they want.,
The rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them (Matt 20:25).
They maintain their position using domination and coercion. Their kingdoms are based on the authority of the world system. The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors (Luke 22:25).

The rulers of the Gentiles call themselves benefactors, but they control the people in the kingdom by force. The Kingdom of God is totally different from the kingdom of the world and its system. All authority in God's kingdom flows from love and mutual submission, as people freely submit to people that love them and serve them.

But you are not to be like that Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves (Luke 22:26). People gain authority in the God's kingdom by serving those they lead.

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant (Matt 20:26). A servant cannot force the person they are serving to do things they do not want to do. A servant cannot control the one they are serving. They cannot use force or coercion to get their will done.
When people in God's kingdom choose to operate by the principles of the world's standard instead of God's standard they are subject to the world.s system of hierarchical governmental control.

Move from living by the principles of the world system to God’s system and you will have no need for hierarchy regulated control.

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