Is the prevailing belief system of the religious world authenticated by Jesus Christ and Bible?

While the vast majority claim that "Christianity" is the religion of the which I concur...I contend that it is not the way of the "Community of the Redeemed" that Christ came to establish. Christianity has become a well oiled religious institutionalized religion that is the greatest hindrance to the plan of God for the Community of Humanity and the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ in this earth. 

This christian religion exists as the way to find God because of its heavy use in its misuse and abuse of the content and contextual setting of the Scriptures that is claimed to be the foundation of all segregated denominational groups. Although biblical terminology is heavily used, it is not Biblical and it is a false belief system based on what Paul calls "another gospel". This belief system is a counterfeit version of what Christ died and rose to create.

The god of religion...though claimed to be the God of the more concerned with devotion to and adhering to religious tenants of faith, which is not faith or trust in the unseen, all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful God and His promise to be relationally connected to all of His children’s needs, but to its special form of allegiance to religion and it's agenda. This allegiance to religion puts the capability of man’s spiritual doing and provision squarely into the hands of the man-appointed hierarchical religious leaders.

Religion's use of the word “god” is really irrelevant when used in worship because it has only a ceremonial value geared to evoke a sentimental nod of approval by the pew-warmers. This religious “god” word, along with many other biblical words, are principally served to keep people's unenlightened hearts from knowing the truth and  experiencing the freedom Christ brings through His Grace. A semblance of piety is the highest requirement of religion. Let all religious sermons be seasoned with a hefty helping of denominational interpreted bible verses and you are sure to be recognized and acknowledged as being of God and godly. To use the word “God” and “religious rhetoric” in the same sentence is recognized as a certain sign of enduring faith in the religious denominational world.

I find it ironic that denominations are suspicious of the rituals and practices of other denominations and dismiss them as not being biblical because it does not line up with their own interpretation of the scriptures. All religious denominations confess that religion has some good value; but they care so little about God value the good value they say religion has, has lost all spiritual value and content.

Many of God's people have embraced a false belief system propagated by man, who find it necessary to establish a belief system of men trusting in men, and using pious religiosity to fuel religious machinery and keep the religious wheels turning to ensure its survival by injecting its doctrines and beliefs, symbols, and rituals with partial truth.

Religion has blinded us to the Truth. We have accepted carte blanche the traditions passed down to us without ever questioning the obvious contradictions of our doctrine to the simple truth of the Gospel as given to us by Christ.

The people of God need to understand beyond question the things they have been spoon fed for many years; what they will find is something totally different; but, it will be the truth. An authentic relationship with God depends on “truth” not flowery speeches or eloquent sermons laced with a speck of truth, therefore seek the TRUTH.

God's people have been sold a bill-of-goods concerning the truth of Scripture; it was began many hundreds of years ago, endorsed and expanded by the so called church fathers, bought into by the reformers, cast in stone by the founding fathers, and elevated to the level of the Bible and then use their interpretation of the Bible as the manual for 'Christian living'. The only problem is, it is a lie, and not to be found in the book claimed  to be religion's source, the Bible. 
The term “ignorance is bliss” prevalent in Jesus' earthly walk, is as true today as when Paul, directed by the Holy Spirit, wrote: “So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies.” 2 Thess. 2:11. And, “Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.” Rom. 14:22.


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