Jesus in Jesus Living Through Us?

All religious denominational fountains are dry when it comes to satisfying the inward thirst of your spirit. They are dry because there is no spiritual substance in them. They look great to the self-righteous carnal nature, but once you get into them there is no genuine relationship with God thus, no genuine spiritual satisfaction.

Every time you say yes to God and no to religion, another spiritual block is added to your spiritual foundation. Every time you obey the Word instead of your carnal fleshly desires another spiritual block is added. You are maturing and building a house that Jesus desires to reside in and work through.

Believers are built from within, not without. This is what we have to understand. Religion wants to mould us into its image. This is the conflict between your sprit and the carnal nature. Once you fully surrender to the life that is within, your striving to do good ceases and you will rest in His grace. But it is hard to die to self and to religion thus, we are troubled. The more our carnal nature dies the more of Christ is revealed. "This is the treasure we have in earthen vessels." "Christ in us".

We read in Galatians 4:1-7: "Now what I mean is that as long as the inheritor is a child and under age, does not differ from a servant, although he is master of all the estate; But he is under guardians and administrators or trustees until the date fixed by his father. So we [denominational christians] also when we were minors, were kept like slaves under [the rules of denominational rituals and traditions] and subject to the elementary teachings of a system of external observations and regulations, but God sent His Son, born of a woman, born subject to the Law. To purchase the freedom of, to redeem, to atone for those who were subject to the Law, that we might be adopted and have sonship conferred upon us and be recognized as God's sons. And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying Abba, Father! Therefore you are no longer a servant but a son; and if a son, then it follows that you are an heir by the aid of God through Christ." (Square bracketed words are mine)

When you are born again, you are a son; but you lack the revelation knowledge of what is yours through Christ. You are more in a servant state, receiving the milk of the written word and doing what you are told by other believers and leaders. This knowledge that you need is not something that you are going to acquire by human reasoning or human wisdom. Man can teach your mind to understand but, they cannot teach your spirit. It is a knowledge that is going to be revealed by the Spirit of God as to who you really are. You can know it in your mind and not know it in your spirit. There are many believers that have been saved for a long time and still do not know their identity in Christ. But when you know it in your spirit, it is in a different realm and the circumstances of life will not cause you to lose faith. The description of a servant is one who is under bondage and they serve.

In ancient times a son was trained in all the things of the household and business because trades were passed down in that day. If the father was a potter, his son would be a potter. The trades went from generation to generation.

But that son was a servant. He was under tutors and governors until he came to the knowledge of the household and business. When he came to that certain age, their would be a celebration. This celebration was a celebration of adoption. Now if he was a son, why was he being adopted? Because the son was now going to move into a place of authority. The son had come to the level of knowledge where no longer would he serve has a servant; but he would move into full rights, privileges, freedom, liberties and the responsibilities of the household. Because of the knowledge through the tutors and governors, he had come to the level that he could be trusted.

Let us consider the spiritual realm. When we think of adoption, we think of a family reaching out and adopting a child they have not given birth to. This child is adopted into the family legally and has all the rights of that family. But it does not have the life stream of its parents.

This is not what the type of adoption the scripture refers to. When we come into the family of God, we are born into it, we are not adopted into it. We have the life stream of the Father. The word adoption here means that because of the tutoring of the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Word and His life stream is put into us by the new birth, we live as a servant until we have matured to the point that we can be entrusted with the realization of who Christ is and who we are in Him.

When that realization hits home a knowledge is born in your spirit of who you are. There is a reality on the inside of a deep relationship letting you know what sonship and being an heir really means.

The father had two sons, the only begotten (Jesus) and the created (Adam). Adam moved from God, thus we have the story of the whole human race. Our (Adamic, carnal) nature is at enmity with God. The carnal nature that is of the world and is worldly doesn't want God. In fact it is impossible for the carnal nature to know God.

But through the new birth God reaches us and we are born again, and His life begins to mature within us. As we submit more and more to the Spirit that life matures and we move into the full relationship that God desires for us to have. That knowledge is the revelation knowledge that comes when Jesus is being unveiled in your spirit. soon it begins to come out in your understanding and you begin to think differently. You approach God differently. Do you know that the more mature you become, the more your praying will change from the way you pray now? You will cease being a beggar, you won't pray as a servant in bondage any longer. You will pray as free people, you will pray as sons and daughters.

During God's dealing with us, sometimes we get hard to live with. We get mean, rebellious, critical, negative and blame God for what is happening. We want to strike back and run away. This doesn't mean that you are relationship-less, only that you have an unsurrendered nature, you are being governed by your carnal nature. But through all this God is faithful and wants us to refine the nature within us. It is not the circumstances that will defeat us it is our reaction to the circumstances.

God has placed inside of you all of the ingredients necessary for righteousness, victory and authority over every circumstance of your life. It just needs development and your correct reaction to circumstances will help develop it. This takes your whole spirit, soul and body being surrendered to God, then you will have a sonship relationship.


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