Pharisee equals Religionist.

The religious world is inundated with the Pharisaic system that was prevalent in the earth-walk of Jesus. It is characterized by mixing the Gospel of God’s Grace with the ideologies, precepts and doctrines of men and the laws of the old covenant...that ungodly religious system, I refuse to support or submit to, even though religion presents it as Godly and in doing so have deceived many.

The mixed-grace gospel of the religious pharisees today preaches the message that salvation is by grace but maintained by obedience to the law and religious observances. It is a gospel that says one of God's blessings (salvation) is grace given, but holiness, sanctification, the amount God loves us, forgiveness for our failures and fellowship with God comes by keeping the law and the rituals of religion. This gospel denies that Christ did it all because after saving us by grace we have to do the rest to ensure our relationship with Him.

I will continue to voice opposition against the deceptions of that system which are accepted as truth by the religious denominations within Christendom. My stand for the freedom to do so may bring me the ridicule of some well meaning denominational people, but is sure to bring me the snobbishness of the religious self-righteous. However I will endure their sneers, accusations and condemnation in the spirit of peace and serenity, knowing that my conscience is clear before God, my loving Father.


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