Religion's Deception


Religion would not exist without deception because it would lose control over the people. The way it keeps control over people is by convincing the religiously deceived that deception is truth!

The hinderance of religion to the cause of Christ is subtly deceptive and most of the people involved in religion are ignorant of its deceptiveness thus, accept the deception as truth.

The Gospel Truth can never be realized until there is first a comprehension of religion's deceptiveness. Once it's deceptiveness is understood the truth will cleanse and reform the mind-set that was formed by deception's lie. To embrace truth there has to be an acknowledgment and a understanding of deception in the area that truth is trying to penetrate. Deception is strong enough to maintain its hold to the throne of the mind, however, the truth that is truth chips away, bit by bit at the deception's stronghold so as to enable the deceived to see the error of deception's deceptiveness, and that truth is the only true recourse for deliverance.

As truth penetrates deception's stronghold, deception starts to decay and the mind surrenders to truth and begins exposing deception's lie. As truth continues down the corridors of the mind, the light and delivering power of its presence begins to dissolve the layers of deceptiveness and uncovers evidence that deception's lie has been regarded as truth.

With the crumbling of deception's lie the Truth of the SON is now understood, and the Glory of truth's reality begins to flow freely from the spirit to the mind. Now the truth that was buried under deception's lie is revealed, due to the illumination of the truth exposing deception's lie. 


  1. There is all kinds of deception today. That's why it is important to know what the Scripture says and believe it.

    There are some religions today that deny that the Bible is Word of God. They say it is just like any other book and that there are many ways to get to God.

    But the greatest deception sweeping the church today is the hyper-grace teaching that we got to be on guard for. When we examine it in light of Scripture it comes up short.


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