The Illuminated Sign by the Church Door Read "Everyone Welcome".

I have seen the "Welcome Sign" over the door of many denominational building that extended an open invitation to all...but I have contemplated as to how much truth was to "Welcome Sign".

I have visited some of these denominational welcome signed buildings called Church and found the people to be very denominational indoctrinated and set in their ways, regarding what they believe and do. For the people who conform to what they believe and do what they do, were without a doubt welcome to be there and eventually, in order to be a member had to sign a document to confirm that they conform to the beliefs of the denomination along with participating in their rituals and practises.
But I wonder, if a dozen dirty and smelly homeless people from the ghetto...a bunch of drunks from the tavern down the street...a half dozen prostitutes walk in dressed in their street attire...a gay or lesbian couple walked in hand in hand...during the Sunday morning service...WOULD THEY BE TRULY WELCOME!

If the Jesus I see in the Bible was the head of that denomination and was leading the service, there is no doubt that the sign would read the truth, everyone would be welcome. But I somehow think these religious sanctimonious people would treat the Sunday-meeting-service CRASHERS as did the religious people in Jesus' day, then and now the ‘religious world’ didn’t and wouldn't want anything to do with such "degenerates”. Jesus met with and cared for the people who probably wouldn’t go to church, because they wouldn’t be welcome. If He walked among us in the flesh today He would not attend the “welcome signed” buildings on a Sunday, instead He would seek to minister and fellowship with the religiously rejected people on a daily basis.

What does that say about the "religious organized church" of today. Have they become so religionated and so consumed with the proper way of doing things that they have no love for the people whom Jesus demonstrated His love to by by coming to earth. Could we be so caught up in the trends of modern religion and relogisity that we hinder our relationship with the God and the people He loves?

We need to live in His Grace and concentrate more on living in fellowship with Christ on a daily basis, loving Him and loving others, and not worry so much about the Sunday-event-driven meeting attended by cloned indoctrinated people. The Church of Jesus Christ is not a building or the time people is the people of God themselves. The focus should not be on a segregated denominated building, but on a communal daily walk with Him loving the people we meet.

To love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love others fulfills the law. We no longer have to strive to keep the law or religious rules and regulations. We now have a new and better covenant which went into effect at the death and resurrection of Jesus. We now have the Living Word living within us through the Spirit of Christ. We no longer have need of any man to teach us the ways of God, because now the Spirit is our guide. Striving to keep the law is not a thing to do, it happens because we are indwelt by grace and love.

It is time to focus on Jesus and live in His Grace, and not live striving to keep the requirements of the law and religion. It is time to live our relationship with God and with people in our daily living, and do away with following Christ as a Sunday detour from our daily living.

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