Chacteristics of a Religious Spirit.

A religious spirit is any spirit that fights against the grace gospel of God in our lives and the finished work of Jesus through His death and resurrection in fulfilling the eternal plan of God for the Community of Humanity.

The Pharisees were obvious examples of people who have religious spirits. Religious spirits are very destructive to our intimate relationships with God. If you want a true intimate relationship with your heavenly Father, then you don't want to be influenced by religious spirits!

Religion and spiritual relationships don't get along, and this is why religious spirits will work diligently to hinder true meaningful spiritual relationships between God and His children.

Two behavioral manifestations of religious spirits are, one person may be plagued with feelings of never being good enough for God, while the next person may be infected with self-righteousness and false holiness. Both of these are diabolically apposed to our relationship with God and with people.

Some of the characteristics of a religious spirit that opposes the gospel of grace are; judgementalism, self-righteousness, religious pride, sin consciousness, criticism, legalism, perfectionism, segregation, denominationalism, man-made tradition, unbelief, false holiness, maintaining salvation by works, guilt, condemnation, fear of losing salvation, fear of God (unhealthy, scared feeling), intolerance, etc.

Can you identify other characteristics?


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