Does Man's Will Overide God's Will?

To teach that God wills “all people to be saved”and with the same breath, teach that the vast majority of His creation will be lost because they WILL NOT let Him save them, therefore, they will be sentenced to the torment of hell fire forever, is to teach that man's will supersedes God's will. Does that not border on believing that the Creator is impotent, and the created is omnipotent?

Paul's prophecy in 2 Timothy 4:1-5 is alive and well today. All over the world people assemble in religious denominated buildings in the name of denominational segregated unity to worship a week willed God. They read the Bible from their denominated slanted viewpoint, pray their manipulative prayers commanding (overriding His will) God’s blessing, hear a religious manipulative sermon about tithing and fork over their money believing they are giving to God. They are devoted, but devoted to what? They are sincere, but sincerely wrong. They worship, but they worship in vain! They believe they have truth, but the truth they have are religious fables. 

Having been hoodwinked by delusional religious philosophies of men...they are dull of hearing God's appointed and anointed Teacher who is the "Spirit of Truth. 

They will not endure sought doctrine; but after their own lusts…they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears…They turn away their ears from the truth and (have been) turned into fables.”

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