God is Not a Religious Slot Machine.

 God does not delight in the adverse circumstance that you have gone through or may be going through right now, nor did He plan the cause of it. Neither is He a slot machine where your input tithe money or a validated voucher that you received for religious performance in hopes of winning prosperity, healing or anything else you consider to be a blessing.  However, you have more than any material blessing you may want...He (your loving Father) is going through the circumstance with you and will use the circumstance, if you will allow Him, to strengthen His purpose in your life...there is no blessing any greater than that!

If you are a believer and and you are pushing the buttons of religious performance in hopes of hitting the right one that if done well, will get God's attention and He will shine His blessing favor on you...you are living in a make-believe world of religious fantasy.

Religion has created a slot-machine God who is suppose to jump into action when the right buttons are pushed to satisfy our self-righteous acts by meeting our demands (prayer requests). Many people live their entire spiritual life trying to figure out the right sequence of performance buttons to input into the blessing keypad to get God to give them what they want. We read the Bible, quote the Bible, study the Bible, idolize the Bible in an effort to get Him to do what we think He said He would do. Our faith is in the believing that because the Bible said it, I believe and using that as an effort to “legally” force God to to perform what we think He should. God is not a slot-machine where if we hit the right sequence of keys He will open up some blessing chest and rain down blessings as a reward for our religious faithfulness.

Jesus is the “All Sufficient One” and to routinely pray for revival is indicative of God's people suffering from spiritual heart failure in need of revival to revival resuscitation. Relationship with religion to the religionists is all about reading and obeying what they think the Bible says. We have exchanged the authority of the Living Word for the authority of the written word causing us to make an idol of the book that points to Jesus the Living Word of God.

Everything from Bible reading, Sunday-go-meeting attendance, tithe giving and our praying has been affected by the  pre-cross thinking of doing to get God's blessing. Popular teachings on worship, generational curses, fasting, healing, repenting, receiving blessings, and even hearing the voice of God have all been tainted by our lack of accepting and standing upon the finished work of Christ’s death and resurrection in place of our doing to gain His favor.

The purpose of the Old Testament is to point the way to Christ (the better covenant)…yet the Community of the Redeemed continues to run back to Old Testament principles like a "dog to his own vomit". They prefer to embrace the comfortable rules of religion rather than the sometimes, difficult freedom of relationship because of His grace.

When we routinely act and behave as though the death and resurrection has provided nothing of any better than the law of rules and regulations, we are bowing down to the anti-Christ spirit.

The way we know the truth about God’s limitless love, compassion and mercy is when we leave the mixed law-grace gospel and accept the grace-freeing gospel.

God blesses us with many blessings including healing...but it is because He makes His abode in us and in Him is every blessing we could ever need. So feast on Him, for He is the living Word that blesses His people because of His love and grace.

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