Our Traditions...are they Correct?

You make the word of God of none effect because of your tradition.” These are words of Christ to religious leaders during His earth walk.

If the religious leaders of Christ time could invalidate the word of God because of their tradition, my question is; is it not possible that religious tradition is doing it today? Do we who think we have it all right, have of all right? When one considers that the scripture declares that “the letter kills and the Spirit gives life and our traditional beliefs must harmonize with the Spirit of Christ, and if they do not they will do what the verse in Mathew 15:6 states above.

Traditions endure for generations, are highly revered, and are extremely difficult to admit they may be wrong and people have difficulty changing them when they are wrong. There are no forms of error that are more difficult to correct. When Paul and Stephen declared to their fellow countrymen that God's mercy and forgiveness extended to the Gentiles, they were stoned. Do we hold to any traditions that we hold as truth when they are wrong? If we are...as the religionists tell us...not to question our beliefs and accept the teachings of the man-appointed seminarian trained professionals, how will we ever know?

I wonder, do we acknowledge God with our mouths and honor Him with our lips, but our hearts are removed far from Him, and our fearing of God is taught by the commandments of men as Is. 29:13 states?

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