Power Seekers.

The idea that holding power over believers is not new to religious thinking, it goes all the way back to the time of the authors of the gospels and  the Gnostics in that time,  it even reaches back to Old Testament practices. By the way, the Gospels are not part of the New Covenant era. Jesus was born under the Old Covenant and much of His teaching was to people in that system, thus one method of His teaching reflected the Old Covenant way of living. New Covenant reality did not, nor could not come into effect until after His death and resurrection. 

The thinking that denominated seminarian educated leaders are God qualified dispensers of truth is foreign to the scripture. The truth they teach as truth is sprinkled with untruth determined by the power of their own reasoning, understanding and denominational beliefs. They interpret the scripture based on what they believe and do not let the scripture formulate what they believe. In Samuel’s day the people wanted a king, this was not a God idea it was a man idea. Religious people desire to have a human spiritual king, (denominated leader to rule over them and teach them “God things”. The segregated denominated buildings of religion corral believers and keep them from experiencing the Headship of the Spirit of Christ, God’s appointed leader and teacher of His Community of the Redeemed.

The words of scripture are not at fault for this abuse. The abuse lies squarely on the shoulders of men who use their own understanding to interpret scripture to back up their denominated way of thinking void of divine input by the Holy Spirit, the promised One who desires to lead His people into all truth. The written word that points to the Living Word, is rendered by religion as a guide book of rules and regulations to give credence to religion as the way to God and to maintain relationship with Him. This is nothing less than eating from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, rather than the Tree of Life that would give them spiritual life.

If those who claim to move in Christ desired no knowledge other than that which comes from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Community of the Redeemed would have affected the Community of Humanity with the Kingdom of God reality instead of religious fluff. Believers would have known no master but Christ, nor would anything be added in order to maintain salvation to the Grace of the Living Lord. Dying to self and religion so that Christ’s life is formed in us would be the order of the day and the good news of the gospel would be experience in the Community of Humanity.

The Bible claims that Jesus is the “Word of God”, but religionists have chosen to ignore that truth and call the Bible itself the “Word of God” and the people believe it. This untruth is hindering the work of God in His Community of the Redeemed to where it hinders the Community of Humanity from experiencing God’s grace gospel.

Instead the “Spiritual House” (the Community of the Redeemed) has become an earthly self-dependent institutionalized body depending on fallible men, who tell them they are rich and increased with goods, and “have need of nothing” but what is offered by them. Walking in the Spirit has been substituted for religiosity that has left Christ outside the door, knocking to gain entrance. By the way, Jesus has not relinquished His ability to talk to His children nor His Headship to seminarian denominated leaders, they have usurped His authority and have deceived the people into believing it is Biblical!

As the body with out the spirit is lifeless, so also is any assembling in a denominated building...wrongly called the "House of God"...where they say they are of God but, are not led by the Spirit of God…they are dead spiritually, and do not know it!

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