The Drawing Card of the Gospel'

 Religion plays out the Gospel as a courtroom drama.

Grace lives out the Gospel in the burning love of God.

When we present the message of the Crucifixion as a courtroom drama, gospel reality is cold, lifeless and fear-mongering. A gospel concerning a legal transaction that is validated by do's and don'ts of the religious legal contract of the Law with its religious rules and observances does not have the power to move the heart of man to transform the person.

However when we present the Gospel in historical setting and context in which the crucifixion happened, and understand what it truly accomplished, our fears and inhibitions will dissipate because of God's burning love transforms, something that the fear-mongering of a burning hell can never do. Presenting the Gospel as a courtroom drama, where if man does not accept God's offer of salvation results in a burning hell is not the good news of the gospel. The Gospel was an act of the burning love of the Godhead.

We must realize that there is no division between the members of the Godhead. Christ is not saving us *from* His mean Father, but *with* His loving Father resulting in an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love overwhelming us! When people see love in action, instead of a courtroom debate where justice sentences people to a burning hell, as the motivation behind the the Gospel, their heart cannot remainhard, cold and disinterested. When people behold the Gospel and see that flaming demonstration of God’s burning love for them, their heart is supernaturally charged with a reciprocal love for God and for people.

Grace is the heart of the Gospel! There is nothing cold, hard or fear-mongering about it. It’s the declaration that the Godhead is pulsating with a passionate burning love and desire for the Community of Humanity! Out of this burning passion of love, Jesus moves towards us and wraps Himself in the sin that causes  our broken life, and puts it to death through His own death! In so doing, He destroys the power of sin and grinds to powder our sense of segregation and isolation!

Such is the Gospel of Grace. Love itself came to rescue us, restore us and remind us of who we were. It was a raging passion of burning love
, that brought Christ to us, not courtroom justice resulting in a burning hell for eternity. We must never fear-monger this Gospel, but let it be the burning love reality that it is! 
Grace alone has the power to inflame the human heart with love for our loving Father and for people. This is the Good News Gospel.

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