Experience God’s Grace.

Before we as believers can fully experience the fullness and richness of God’s grace, we must know the limits of our fleshly abilities when it comes our doing to attain God’s attention and blessing. The more we understand our inability to add one ounce of self-effort to gain or maintain relationship with God, the more we will understand, accept and appreciate grace and its power and the dimension of His divine accomplishment minus any assistance from us humans. Grace shines so brightly and is so powerful, it eradicates the need for our weak human attempts to assist God in His work. We  will come to understand that it is Him doing His work through us, not us working for Him and needing His assistance.

Grace does not empower us to live in the flesh with its judging, condemning and fear-mongering hell awaiting eternal damnation; it empowers us to live in the Spirit and the Spirit to live through us with a gracious, loving and forgiving attitude of our loving Father.

Grace stands opposed to works of the flesh (Rom. 4:4-5; 11:6). However, grace is the source of His working through us. This simply means that whereas we are saved by grace and not of works, we are saved by grace unto His good works working through us. Good works are the fruit, not the root, of God’s saving grace (see esp. Eph. 2:8 -10).

For you who believe that you have to work to produce good fruit...KNOW that no fruit works at producing itself...fruit is a product of the root and sap of the tree. That is why believers (the fruit) cannot do anything in and off themselves to produce good fruit...no amount of Sunday meeting going, no amount of giving of your time and money, no amount of bible reading or sermon listening adds one iota of value to your fruit bearing...the source of your fruit bearing is Christ therefore, the need for Christ to live His life through you.


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