Glenn's Pondering.

How our relationship with God and with people be influenced if we didn't base  our sense of spirituality on the observanc of religious rules and regulations, man-made denominated doctrines, attending Sunday-go-event-driven meetings, but instead was based on God Himself?

If we would be more open to hear the voice of God's Spirit for ourselve if our minds were not influenced and channeled  by the pastor's spiritual understanding all the time? Would the joy of our salvation light up with truth by not having to submit all the revelation that God gives to us PERSONALLY under the authority of what is preached over the "sacred desk"?

What would happen if church was not contained within four walls of a building and confined to programmed-event-driven meetingings, denominated agendas, not a one-man showmanship event,  and instead in our daily liviing of life we glorified God by demonstrating the love and grace to the across our path people we rub sholders with daily?

What would it be like to see the Community of the Redeemed as an every-member-functioning organism, a living, breathing creature who cannot fulfill its function in the Community of Humanity when 99% of its members are required to sit down passively and believe what they are being spoon fed by the man-apointed, man-anointed leader to share it with the sinners of the world?

Mmmmm...I wonder......


  1. If you are wondering you need to get a hold of same Gospel that Paul caught unto. Paul came from a position of knowing not wondering. Paul said I know in whom I have believed.(2Tim.1:2)

    The devil even knows and trembles. The evil spirit said to one group who was trying to cast him out Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?"(Acts19:15)


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