Grace Power.

The nature of God’s Grace is thoroughly misunderstood by the reloginoists within religion. The religionists presents Jesus as a Savior saving people from “hell fire”...Grace presents Jesus as the Savior saving people from the sin of the sinner and the self-righteous saint so both can live a graceful and loving life in daily living. Millions have been deceived by the hell escaping gospel, because of their desire to escape religion’s hell the religious way, they have been hindered from experiencing the power of Grace to free them from religious carnality and worldliness.

In their ignorance the religionists tells us that Grace is an occasion to sin because they have never experienced Grace’s power to keep them from sin. Grace is no more a license to sin than electricity is a license to electrocute yourself.

There isn’t anything we can do or not do to disqualify ourselves from the Grace of our loving God, but the religionists have managed to forfit the experience of the reality of God’s Grace through their pious unwillingness to accept the finished work of Christ’s cross and resurrection by insisting on maintaining salvation by their own striving to keep the religious rules.

Ah...the sweet aroma of God’s amazing Grace…the full and free forgiveness of every sin, past, present and future without God demanding or expecting anything from the one who He bestows His forgiveness on.

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