I Am who I Am..But who Am I?..

A person's identity is is largely determined by someone or something they have a relationship with. To satisfy the need to know who they are some people will latch on to just about anything to discover who they are.

Many people's identity is found in their profession, people they associate with, their abilities and talents, their environment, their appearance, their nationality, their race, the car they drive, the neighborhood they live in, their social class, the denomination they belong to, their religious beliefs, etc....  

The problem with the above identity sources is that they are all as fleeting as the wind. The opinions of other people are a poor way to determine who we are. Religious denominations are a prime example of this. Agree with their constitution, their bylaws, sign the membership form and abide by their rules and regulations and you are considered a "good Christian"...a "good Baptist"...a "good pentecostal"...a "good fundamentalist"...a "good evangelical", etc.... Disagree with them, disobey their bylaws and their creeds and your identity-ship will sink and you would fast lose your identification and association with them.

There is only one sure way to determine your identity that is valid and unshakeable, that is what Christ thinks of you and who you are in Him. No matter what you do or don't do, no matter your failures, no matter how may times you slip and fall, no matter what other people say about you, no matter what religion may think of you...WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST NEVER CHANGES! Only settled in this knowledge will you begin to discover your true identity

Jesus is the changeless one and what He thinks of you is also changeless, you are the righteousness of God and that is changeless no matter the changing opinions of other people.

Don't let religion, other people, or things steal your identity!


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