Leaving Religion.

Because of my departure from the religiosity of religion and the gospel that is no gospel at all...the mixing of law with grace...I have subjected myself to critical judgement and condemnation of some people whom I considered a friend, now consider me their foe and an enemy of the gospel, (at least their version of it).

Upon my investigation and study into the root of the tree of religion and the fruit it bore, I discovered that the fruit of the tree was a result of human effort from human ideologies rather than a effortless natural result of Godly spiritual fruit naturally growing on the Vine, For that reason I pegged the religious system as anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-Holy Spirit, and unknown to the people caught in religion's trap, was the biggest hindrance to the work of God in the Community of the Redeemed in their involvement with the Community of Humanity.

With religion's abuse and misuse of the bible by its fear-mongering, its playing the shame and blame game, its guilt ridden message, its manipulation and controlling maneuvers and its intimidation tactics has been the means of millions of people being deceived, confused, misused and abused and following the ways of man rather than following the ways of God.

There are some who have admonished me to cease and detest my assessment of religion because the stronghold it has on God's people is such, that the deceived people believe religion's deception to be truth and believe that I am the one who is misled, confused and deceived because of questioning the established system. However, if I were to refuse to question religious phenomenon for fear that  my conclusions will violate their religious sensitivities and the religious norm of its abnormality that in the religionist's mine sentences me to eternal damnation, I would be guilty of abdicating my responsibility, not only to myself and the members of the Community of the Redeemed, but to God as well. I trust that in my sounding the warning some will wake up from the religious stupor they are in and see the error of religion and allow the Spirit of Truth to expose the spirit behind it and capsize the religious boat of deception.

Isn't it ironic that those who make it difficult to be a believer in the Community of Humanity are people who claim to be believers themselves.

I am told that my disgruntlement with religion is over some treatment I received by religious people due their following the "Word of God" (the bible), at least in the way they see it, and my refusal to take such correction by submitting to their ideology and path of restoration to some denominational fold.

Let me assure every reader of my posts, what I write is not from my own displeasure with religion because of any way I was treated, or my own fanciful imagination. After viewing what I had been taught to believe by the religionoists through the lens of Jesus,  I have found that my traditional beliefs have been found wanting. Despite the defensive protestations of people that regulate me to being a disgruntled member who refuses correction and restoration, which  is far from the truth, I choose to remain true to Christ and His Gospel of Grace because their accusations are a distortion of the facts, as there is abundant evidence that a serious problem of anti-Gospel-ism and  spiritual abuse existing in the religious community.

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