Living by Faith.

Living by faith cannot be done in the past...the past is over.

Living by faith cannot be done in the future...the future is not here yet.

Living by faith can only be done in the present.

Therefore you cannot have faith for the past, nor can you have faith for the future.

You can only have faith for the present.

The faith you had when the past was the present and the faith you can have when the future is present and the faith you have in the present is based of your trust in God!

Understanding of the completeness of what Christ accomplished on the cross and by His resurrection, in that the sin issue has forever been dealt with, only then can we have total trust in God regarding the future. We must come to the realization that our future standing spiritually is not due to some "heavenly bookkeeping" recording our right and wrongs, to be used as a measuring stick to determine if we make it into heaven or not.

Live by the faith of God...not the faith of religion, its rules or its rituals!

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