Religious Geniuses Overlook.

In one sense I agree with some of my religious friends, in that they are geniuses...Only I believe them to be religious geniuses, rather than spiritual geniuses, who overlook the obvious even when it is staring them in the face!

They overlook the teachings of Christ for the teachings of man.

They overlook Jesus the Living Word for man's teachings and interpretation of the written word, which is lifeless until impregnated with the Spirit of the Living Word.

They overlook the purity of the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ by polluting  it with rule and ritual keeping.

They overlook the Body of Christ as the Church in favour of denominated name-tagged buildings as the Church.

They overlook Community of the Redeemed living life daily as being Church in favour of Sunday-go-programmed-event driven meetings as Church.

They overlook Christ as Head of His Church in favour of man as head of the Church.

They overlook the unity that Christ brings for the segregation that denominations bring.

They overlook the priesthood of all believers for the priesthood of the denominated trained seminarian.

I wonder how many brave hearted people out there would venture to answer a couple questions regarding their religious understanding, answers from the religionists are more than welcome.
What is religion's understanding of the resurrection?

What is the obvious implication of the resurrection that is overlooked by religion? 

Please provide your answer in the comment section. 

Thank you. 

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