The Sin Issue is no Longer an Issue.

Institutional religion, especially the fundamental, evangelical and the charismatic groups, have done a excellent job at keeping its followers preoccupied with the thing that in God's eye's is no longer the thing...God has dealt with the thing...sin...through the cross, once and for all. To remain ignorant of the thing that God wants believers to be occupied with...the life of Christ within and living that paramount to keeping people "sin conscious", "hell conscious" and heaven conscious rather than "God conscious", "Kingdom conscious", "love conscious and "Grace conscious."

Religion has minimized what Jesus accomplished on the cross by  preaching a law-keeping, fear-mongering gospel instead of maximizing what Jesus accomplished on the cross by preaching a love-giving and grace-living gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not the bad news of sin, which brought death to all mankind...the Gospel is the good news of the resurrection...the restoration of life to to the "walking spiritually dead" by His dealing with the sin issue (death) once and for all. The Good News Gospel is a celebration of the purpose and meaning of what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection.

Prior to the cross man had a sin issue. This sin issue made people impossible to be the dwelling place of God because of sin pollution, therefore God dealt with the sin issue "once and for all" so that Christ could dwell in us, making us the habitation of God. He sterilized us so sin would not pollute us even when we commit sin.

So God cleaned up the sin pollution issue through the cross...sterilized us...filled us through Christ's He has to have  a way of keeping us sterile in a sin polluted environment by sealing us so we would not be contaminated by sin. As the dwelling place of God people need to be sealed to keep the bad things from contaminating us as the container of the divine life of Christ.

How did God accomplish this? "And you also were included in Christ when you heard the      
word of truth,he gospel of your  salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him with a SEAL, the promised Holy Spirit." (Eph. 1:13)

The wonderment of the Gospel is that Christ did it all without any input by man...He cleansed us through the cross, He filled us through the resurrection and He sealed us by giving us the Holy Spirit.

Wow...what a loving Father that would give us such a loving Savior who sent us such a loving Holy Spirit to ensure we would be the living stones, fitted together by Christ Himself, to make us His dwelling place...His "called out ones"...His Community of the Redeemed, to represent Himself in the Community of Humanity.

Yet we have religion polluting the purity of the Gospel of Grace by mixing it with the Mosaic law, religious tradition and religious rule keeping. Such injustice to the gospel is due to ignorance of the totality and finality of what happened on the cross, and is uncalled for.

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