I read this quote online recently; "Religion isn't the THING, it's the THING that gets us to the THING."

This great deception of religion is accepted as truth by the vast majority of people who call themselves "Christian",  and it has deceived God's people by hindering the plan of God for the Community of the Redeemed within the Community of Humanity.

Religion is definitely a thing that sometimes is perceived to do good things, but it isn't the thing that gets us to the thing, (a right standing with God). Religion is the thing that stands in the way of people getting to the real THING, because religion is not the WAY to God, Jesus is the WAY to God! Jesus' death and resurrection removed everything (the veil and the priest that entered into the presence of God for the people) that stood in the way of people getting to the real THING...forever. Religioun has usurped the authorithy of Jesus by making itself the thing to get to the THING.

Religion is an idol that accepts worship from people who believe they are actually worshipping God. Religious buildings, traditions and rituals have removed people's focus from the message of the cross to the message of religion. Religion is  the "the golden calf" of the post cross era and has take precedent over the JEsus Christ and His Grace Gospel and we've missed out on a viberant personal relationship with the Godhead.

As God is independent of religion so ought His people be independent of religion and stop being influenced, manipulated and controlled by the self-appointed spiritual eliets of the religious system to which we have wrongly invested our energies, our time, our money and our identities.

Our identity is not determined by the thing (religion) that is recognized as the way to the THING, (our relationship with God). Our identity is found in the person of Jesus Christ our leader...the express image of God.

Let's stop treating religion as the thing that gets us to the THING and treat it as the thing it is, a devil inspired, man-ordained substitute that befudlles the true  gospel of Jesus, His Gospel of love and grace.


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