Here are some titles of songs to which the Lyrics are waiting to be written that is in agreement with the “The Gospel According To Religion.”

Burn Sinner Burn.

Turn or Burn.

The Pleasure of Seeing Your Child Burn in Hell.

Hell's Delight.

Hell...The Ultimate Wrath Of God Against the People He Created.

Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God.

Don't make God Mad because He will treat You Bad.

God Created Most of His Creation To Burn in Hell.

Jesus The Hell Preacher.

Don't Befriend Sinners.

The Superiority of the Law.

Sit Up, Put Up and Shut Up.

What I Speak From This Pulpit, I Speak For God.

The Unfinished Work of Christ's Cross.

Religion, the Way To God.

Tithe or be Cursed.

Sign the Membership Form or You Cannot Be a Part of This Church.

Don't Question Our Doctrine.

Obey The Preacher.

Blessed are the Pew Warmers.

The Preacher...God's Chosen Spiritual Channel to the Spiritual Ignorant Pew Warmer.

A Schizophrenic God.

God Can't Save ALL Sinners Even Though It's His Will To Do So.

The Bible...The Living Word of God.

The Bible is Jesus.

If I Know the Bible Therefore, what I Believe is Right.

I Know The Bible Therefore, I Cannot Be Deceived.

If the Bible Says It The Way I Believe it, Then the Bible is Correct.

The Churches that Jesus is Building.

Going To Sunday-go-Meetings is Going To Church.

Segregation of the Congregation.

Denominational Blessedness.

The Unification of Isolation.

Saved Today, Lost Tomorrow.

The Freewill Gift of God...That We Can Use To Reject Him.

Works...The Way To Maintain Our Salvation

The Revengeful God.
The Punishing God.

The Unhappy God.

The God of Retribution.

God Hates Sinners.

Grace..the Path to Sin.

My Religion is Better Than Your Religion.

If You Don't Believe the Way I Do...Your Believing is Wrong.

The Hyper Grace Song.

Grace, Grace Insufficient Grace.

Grace That is Less Than ALL Our Sin.

Amazing Grace Plus Works.

Lazy Grace.

Sleazy Grace.

Lovey Dovey Grace.

God Loves You But, Only if You Obey Him.

God's Unconditional Love.

Step up Song writers...there is money to be made.

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