"Dear Lord, help me not to be a SMART-ASS."

There are some people because of position or hierarchical status, think they have the right to manipulate and control others.

In reality we are all controlled by the same boss...our ass! No matter how high we may think ourselves to be on the religious hierarchy structure of things, when seated we are all at the same level because we are sitting on our ass. Our asses control us more than we think our position empowers us to control others, if you do not believe that just go against the calling of your ass and you will discover how little control you have.

Therefore, because we are all controlled by our asses we are all on the same level when it comes to being human. I am no better than you, and as much as you may disagree, you are no better than I. As human beings we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Therefore, thinking ourselves to be religious know-it-all-smart-asses, to where we assume spiritual superiority that places us on a higher spiritual plateau than those we deem spiritual inferior because of our hierarchical position, our interpretation of scripture, our religion or our denominated seminarian training...that allows us to look down on who we think are lesser spiritual people and pass judgement and condemnation on them is nothing but "CRAP" spawned by spiritual ignorance, arrogance and pride because of our self-righteous pompousness...and is holding to a view of ourselves that God is voluntarily blind to.

I wonder...Do smart-ass people make their ass jealous because of all the CRAP that comes out of their mouth.


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