Grace Enablement.

Grace enables practical spiritual relationships which reveals the Father heart of God towards the Community of Humanity. Grace gives the God given ability to relieve the suffering of Guilt, shame and condemnation that God’s people have been sacked with in the name of the gospel.

A great aspect of God’s ministry of deliverance is His desire to deliver His people from the guilt and condemnation laid upon them by the religious yoke of bondage. Once you understand the Father heart of God you will run to Him and experience His love and forgiveness that is already yours. He will live His life through you bringing Gospel truths to the Community of Humanity.

The believer’s life was never intended to be based on man’s ability through religion, but on God’s ability to fill you with Himself, which empowers you to live the grace life.

As people of God we need to expand our awareness of God's presence within us, and by the grace of God understand the revelation of the mystery of the gospel, which is God manifested in the flesh. That is, that Christ would be magnified in our bodies, that He would grow in us and fill us with His Spirit so that it is "No longer we who live, but Christ who lives within us".

Only then will God’s glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. This can only be accomplished by the grace of God, through His Spirit coming alive within the people of God and raising them above the law of sin and death which only grace can do. Only God can live the holy, consecrated and dedicated life that every spiritually hungry person desires. As we learn to apply the power of the resurrection in a practical way in our daily living, will we find the abundant life that Jesus promised us becoming more of a reality flowing out of our innermost being.

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