Life Changing Relationships.

Life changing relationships are not formed by sitting in segregated denominated buildings, believing the same denominated beliefs, singing the same denominated songs, listening to the same denominate sermons
participating in the same denominated rituals, signing the same denominated membership forms, etc...

Life changing relationships are formed by knowing the heart of Jesus and by allowing that knowing to be worked out in your daily living by Jesus working His works through you. Jesus acts of love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, friendship and acceptance demonstrated by you as He works through you will soften the hearts of the Community of Humanity and transform them, bringing them into a relational journey with you and join you in your relational journey with God.

Jesus desires to be in personal and intimate relationship with you. He knows you better than you know yourself, but do you really know Him? Religious relationships are only casual based on head knowledge of Christ. But to really know Jesus intimately one must know His heart. 

One way to understand the heart of another is by asking the question, "What is their agenda?" What drives that person? What are they trying to accomplish in life? What do they do the things that they do? A quick way to determine a person’s agenda is by examining the where do they hang out and with whom?

To really determine what makes a person tick is just examine where they spend their time.

How did Jesus spend His time. As we examine the life of Jesus, the Son of God, the Master Teacher, we will discover that most of His time was not spent in denominated buildings where most religious leaders focused on denominated agendas. Also, He did not spend most of His time with the spiritual know-it-all people. Instead, we find Jesus placing Himself in the midst of hurting people.

Where do people fine you?

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