People Don’t Need.

People don’t need a Sunday-go-meeting in segregated denominated buildings to attend.

People don’t need entertainment by a programmed-event-driven performance starring the PA-STAR.

People don’t need to attend bible studies where the scripture is interpreted by denominated seminarians.

People don’t need training in the latest witnessing techniques.

People don’t need to be fear-mongered by the threat the devil’s hell.

People don’t need to be threatened with a curse from God if they do not tithe.

People do not need to be shamed and blamed or laden with guilt for not abiding by the rules of religion.

People do not need Christmas or Easter Pageants.

People do  not need to get in the latest groove and move to the latest rocken stompen worship team by the latest Jesus band.

People don’t need a visitors packet with with a denominated logo mug or the colorful brochure with pictures the names of the denominational trained staff.

All the need is JESUS in you, working through you as the Community of the Redeemed showering His grace and love on the Community of Humanity as His living witness in your daily living.

Are you a witness for Christ...or...Are you a witness for denominated religion?

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