We Must Desire God's Approval Instead of Religion's Approval.

More often than not people who think they are spiritually wise in their own eyes because they are bible literate and law experts, mouth their judgmental and condemning taken out of context scriptures with malice and anger against grace believing and grace living people who are have the courage to go against the religious flow and expose its weakness in order to pursue a intimate relationship with God and with people.

Grace people are maligned by the religious self-righteous as rebels against God, dissenters from the faith, deceived by the devil or in one way or another are people who have been hurt by religion and now are angry religious wounded people with a vendetta against religion.

Grace herald-ers, God will deal with these religious accusers in His own way offering His mercy and grace to them, they will always be deceived and bound by the religious system. He will also use the accusations so we can react with humility, kindness and forgiveness relying entirely upon Him, knowing He will never leave us or forsake us. As we allow the Spirit of Grace to to work through us we will receive a fresh understanding of His purpose for the Community of Humanity and our purpose as His Community of the Redeemed as we walk in relationship with Him.

A proper understanding of grace is essential to establishing, building and maintaining a intimate relationship with God and with people, and unlearning the false religious learning that we have accepted as truth. Religion has taught us how to "act" like believers instead of how to live as believers. Our acting religiously spiritual does not constitute godly spirituality, acting spiritual is in essence religion. In religion people are expected to respond a certain way believe a certain way, feel a certain way, measure up to a certain way, look a certain way and act a certain way...even when that "acting" denies what people are truly feeling or is happening in their lives.

Most people assembling in segregated denominated buildings known as Church have questioned within themselves they are bound, if not publicly, as to if this is all there is to it. They have found that  they are bound and the freedom to be free and be openly honest about the questions of doubts regarding religion, so they put on a smiley face, speak "Christianese" and act they way they have been programmed  and engage in conversations with learned responses.

The same learned responses are carried over to our relationship with God. We pray religious prayers and say what religion thinks He wants to hear and what we thinks will be most benefit for us or other people we pray for, especially if our prayers are in a gathering and heard by religion's elite, but rarely are we honest and blunt with God about the way we feel.

Believers must realize that our religious facade does not go unnoticed by the people of the world. To hear pious sermons, see our smiling faces, hear our religious prayers and on occasion see our good deeds followed by, "those people seem so insincere, hypocritical, phony and without genuineness". Because of this we have failed the Community of Humanity! People are sick of the facade and see through the theatrical showmanship of empty religion.

The gospel way is grace and love without hypocrisy (Rom. 12:9). Our response to people is to be genuinely loving without programmed responses, phony religious facades that cover up the reality of our living and our faults. Religion has mostly taught people how to act like believers and how to respond using religious jargon regardless of our thoughts, emotions and the daily struggles we have to deal with. because of this facade we have not learned how to relate to God nor man without integrity and honesty, nor do we feel safe to do so, especially when we are around other people. This neglect of honesty and openness is destructive to our relationship with people and when we react according to our programmed religious mindset we impose this mind-set on others instead of leading them to 100% dependency on God to work through our lives.

Because religion is grace hardened its people cannot minister with grace and love to people who go through struggles, doubts and disappointments, or who are dealing with hurts, anger and frustrations. The pat religious answers, you shouldn't feel like that, you shouldn't act like that, you need to pray more, read your bible more  and attend the "house of God more" prevents them from allowing the Spirit of Christ from transforming them internally because we do not grace them with love. Religious formulas or pat answers are not the solution, all that  does is prevent them from being dependent on and trusting in God.
As believers we need to live totally dependent on God, to put total trust in God and to teach other people to do the same.


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