Which Religion is Right?

Because of all the religious denominations in the world...the question, “Which religion is the right one” begs answering.

There are many religions in the world and nearly every religion claims that it is the one true religion. It is very confusing to people who are seeking for truth concerning God. Who should they listen to? Which religion is right?  Are they all good, since they basically teach people to be good? Are they all right...or are they all wrong! 

Religions all have different understanding concerning God and different means to approach God. Most of these views and approaches are without scriptural support. Some religions acknowledge the true God, yet their understanding of Him and the Bible is riddled with misunderstanding and their workings are not according to His design or desire thus they fail in their en-devours to know God fully. 

Those serving false gods, no matter what religious rituals they practice...will never know the true God. Each religion describes its "God" or gods as the right one(s), and they are all different. Now God does not change according to people's beliefs. People cannot create their own God according to their concepts. People need to find out who God is and His plan for the Community of Humanity. 

Not to upset you...but, the right religion is not the one you have chosen to associate and member yourself with...this includes the Christian Religion.

 According to the primary definition, there are mainly two religions...Judiasm and Christianity which includes Catholicism and Protestantism with its myriad of denominations. Although Judaism teaches people to worship the true God, it is not a religion ordained by God. The Jews did receive their original revelations from God through Abraham and Moses, but they formed a religion around the five books of law and developed many man-made traditions. By the time God Himself came as Jesus, they were already so far astray from God that they did not recognize Him. They used their religion based on the law to persecute Jesus and eventually kill Him.

Christianity is also not a religion designed or established by God. Though the Christian religion carries the name of Jesus, has the Bible as its guide and talks about the death of Christ for man's sin...Jesus did not come to start a religion called Christianity, therefore it is man-ordained and of little value to the Community of the Redeemed or the Community of Humanity as a whole.

From scripture record, Jesus was not religious oriented, nor did He belong to any religious denomination. He came as the express image of God His Father to reveal the grace, mercy and love of His Father to the Community of Humanity by living His life in and through the Community of the Redeemed in their daily living, He did not come to start a new religion called Christianity where people are bound to religious creeds, rules, bylaws and constitutions invented by man.

Now if we understand Christian to mean being a follower of Christ, then there is nothing wrong with using that word to describe our relationship with Him. 

But, to use the term Christian because I belong  to a particular religious denominational name-tagged segregated group, follow a particular belief system of man-made doctrines, or obey man-made rules as a measuring stick to determine one’s relationship with God in order to be held in good standing with the particular denomination of choice, then using the term takes away from being a follower of Christ. 

Jesus is the Son of the living God, He is LOVE, and He loves all people. He doesn’t see or favor people based on name-tagged denominations. He loves people period. He sees people who need the love and acceptance of God. The only way people are going to come to true fellowship with God is through Christ…not the Religion of Christianity.

It’s time we stop looking to the organized religious world as the way of becoming acceptable and pleasing to God. We need to look to Christ and allow Him to live His life through us and let Him love all the people that cross our path daily. It is not about getting people come to follow man’s denominated doctrines, religious rules or belief systems. It is about accepting people as they are by showing the love of Christ to them and letting God work in them to accomplish His purpose. 

Jesus laid down His life for us...to give His life to us...so He could live His life through us as His Community of the Redeemed.

The scriptures tell us that there is only one God who created the heaven, the earth, and man. His intention in creating man is to coinhere with man. In other words,  He wants to be organically one with man. He created man in His image so that man may have His life to be His expression. Man is to love as God loves.

Religion can never fulfill God's intention for man, but God, wanting relationship with man, became a man Himself. Jesus showed man how God could live in man and man live in God. Christ’s living was that of a man coinhering with God. He is the expression of all that God is. He died for mankind so that man would not have to die. 

All religions fail God's purpose for the Community of the Redeemed and the Community of Humanity. If you understand God's eternal purpose for man, you will know that NO RELIGION understands it, therefore, NO RELIGION is the right religion. Man on his own cannot love or be righteous as God is love and is righteous. No teaching, method, nor ritual practice can make man to be in favor with God. Only Jesus Christ can do that. He is now available to live in us so that He can live His life through us. Then you will be enabled to express God to the Community of Humanity, as Jesus Christ did, and to express God on earth to fulfill His intention and satisfy His heart's desire. What you need is not a, religion but the living Christ entering into you and living in you and you in Him. What you need is Jesus plus nothing, you need His grace. 

The answer to the question as to which Religion is right...NONE OF THEM!

A genuine relationship with God is not found in any Religion; rather, it is found in a PERSON...our Savior, JESUS CHRIST!


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