Am I in the right spiritual relationship?

I realize that the position I take regarding religion is not given much, if any at all, credence by people caught up in religion...I understand that, I felt the same way when I was caught up in its deceptive deceptions. But, when I saw the truth of the freedom that God desires and has provided for His people I chose to side with the freedom of that truth.

I am convinced that religion has confused a genuine relationship with God that has left most believers frustrated, for a relationship with religion. Rules, traditions, guidelines and man-made doctrines have been established that are not God initiated, sanctioned or ordained that has segregated God's people into different denominational camps in direct violation of Jesus' prayer for the unifying of His body. This is not God's is man's doing!

Only an understanding of grace and truth will unite God's people...different denominations NEVER will. In light of this, the question every believer needs to ask of themselves is:

 "Do I really care more for what religion desires in a relationship...than what God desires in a relationship?" 

Am I so caught up in religious confusion and deceived by religious deception for so long that I truly believe that a relationship with religion, is the relationship God desires to have with His people?

If there are people reading this who are brave enough to answer the questions asked, please feel free to comment.


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