Describe Sunday-Event-Driven-Meetings.

Denominated preachers preaching denominated sermons to denominated people who are looking at the back of people's heads and whose mindless stare befuddles the denominated preacher.

A place where the Bible is elevated above Jesus and believed to be a rule book with frightening consequences and a damming document that points out people's sins and consigns people to hell while saying the Gospel is "good news". 

A place where the voice of the True Shepherd is is unheard amid the bleating of fleeced sheep because of all the religious noise. 

A place where the pressure to be perfect creates an atmosphere of guilt, blame and shame  followed by judgment and condemnation.

A place where the written word is misused, abused and confused.

A place of dead rituals rather than actually living out the gospel.  

A social club that lacks socializing. 

A place of division rather than a place of unity.

A place of showmanship and theatrical performances.

A community of like indoctrinated people imprisoned by deception rather than the freedom of the grace minded Community of the Redeemed.

A place where you sit up, put up and shut up because questioning is frowned upon, and don't ask because you’d be slapped over the head with a Bible and have various verses spewed at you.

A place that prides itself on being welcoming, accepting, and real. When the tagline on so many denominations is “come as you are” we will make you into who you should be, and who you should be is is based on who we want you to be.

An institution whose man-made doctrine and tradition has rendered the Gospel to be of "none effect". 

A place where religious living trumps relational living.

An agenda driven place rather than Spirit lead place.

A place where people are welcomed as they are but not received as they are.

A place where we are told to follow Jesus but directed how to follow religion.


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