God-Pleasers or Men-Pleasers?

The greatest opposition to the influence of Christ's gospel affecting the Community of Humanity for the kingdom of God, is not opposition from the people without the religious system but, by people within the religious system. For those believers who decide not to go along with religious status-quot but rather be committed to being true disciples of Jesus Christ results in an increasing amount of persecution from those within the religious system.

Most believers today are convinced because of religious persuasion that ther name-tagged institutional church has a biblical basis to exist and is the means of establishing a relationship with God and is essential for spiritual maturity. It is evident anyone who disagrees is viewed as a deserter of the faith. If a believer fails to identify the name of some denominational church as belonging to, they are treated as a person who is not in the know regarding spiritual matters...because, it is assumed, there is no way a non-church attender can have an intimate and dynamic relationship with God or a shred of spiritual maturity to be able to flow in the Spirit or any ministry outside of the walls of the institutionalized denominated building.

Some leaders have stood before the people they propose to lead and declared, "if a person does not attend a church (name tagged building) that person cannot be a child of God." Brackets mine.

As believers we are to follow Christ, be dedicated Christ and be God-pleasers. To be followers of religion and be dedicated to denominations is to be men-pleasers. There is trouble brewing when we live only for the "pat on the back" and the "approval of others by jumping through their religious hoops. Winning the popularity contest and the approval of man does dose not mean you have truth or the approval of God.. Our call is to be true to God not popular among men.

To abort the call of Christ for the call of religion is spiritual harlotry.

But, even though religionists are made aware of this, they will continue to believe, teach and preach religiosity and the business of religion will continue, churchianity will continue in its deception and deceive people and continue in spiritual harlotry.

Religionists are among the most close minded people there are, they refuse to even entertain the possibility that the traditional concept of Church or their traditional belief system could be wrong concepts. They refuse to examine the evidence in scripture that supports the error of their traditions. 

To live on the presumption that their is nothing wrong with "Church as usual" is living in willful ignorance. This causes scales to cover their eyes and puts them in gross darkness and blindness sets in and the sad thing about it is they have no desire to be cured or to investigate as to whether there is any truth to what they are so against. 

It matters not to them that the scriptures do not support religion’s way of doing Church or the way they treat other believers. They teach people to be dependent on and obedient to religion, rather than dependency and trust in Christ alone.

Some do this from ignorance and sincerity because that is all they know and have been exposed to. Others are deceivers who know that the life they are living is a lie that is against the teaching of Christ.

Chose to be God pleasing rather than men-pleasing.


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