Grace, grace thrashers with Grace.

Religion...the entity that the majority of the world's people accept as the way to find God, in reality leads people away from God. Religion is man's way to find God...the Gospel is God's way of finding man. You see...God is not lost in need of savior...Man is lost and in need of a savior.

Though the religionists see religion as good, in actual fact, because it leads people to follow a path that is anti God, it is evil in that it departs from God's ways. Religion creates the the biggest obstacle to the eternal purpose of God for the Community of the Redeemed within the Community of Humanity because of its unwillingness to lay aside man-made doctrines and traditions for the pure Gospel of God's Grace.

People who have their understanding set free from religious deception, manipulation and control  are looked upon as deluded, misguided, devil inspired and unsubmissive to the religious spiritual elite all because they have chosen to break free from religion. Religionists viewing through their religious spectacles see breaking away from religion as breaking away from God and forsaking the Gospel.

If the deserters from religion voice their learnings about religious deceptions they are labeled as being dissidents, rebels, radicals, wounded and bitter saints, trouble-makers, unteachable, deceived and deluded. 

It's difficult to walk in forgiveness when people inflict wounds, but that is the way of Grace. If we do not allow the Lord to crucify us daily, the wounds inflicted by others will become fester and bitterness will take root in the soil of our hearts. Bitterness and a critical attitude will prevent us from walking in the Grace Life. When others don't understand, we must forgive and show them what grace living is like. Those of us who are living the grace life, we can certainly voice those things and do our part to shine the light so others can see, but we also have to realize that we were once blind to God's amazing grace ourselves, and God is able to remove the blinders from the grace plus law people.

Grace only-ers are not bitter towards those who disagree with us regarding grace. Yes, some people think we just have a bone to pick with the organized religion; that we're only trying to find things wrong because we have been hurt in some way or that we're trying to lash back in anger because of personal disappointments, perceived rejection or disagreements on doctrine. Some think that we have dammed our souls to hell because we no longer embrace all the traditional routine practices of organized, institutional religion. They assume that we are deceived people that has believed a different gospel, simply because they presume that traditional church life is equal to the Gospel Way. That sounds a bit ridiculous doesn't it, but if you were to see some of the responses to posts and email grace people receive that accuses us of believing a different gospel all because I do not endorse all of the traditional religious concepts or the religious interpretation of scripture that dominate Christian behavior today and are deemed as essential, you would see that it appears all too clear that people do tend to associate organized religion with the Gospel even though many of these traditions are not even biblical.

It is disheartening to find so much ignorance among those who reject God's Gospel of Grace and make such harsh accusations about believers who walk in the freedom grace brings. Even more so, it demonstrates the ignorance of  those who like to brag that they believe the Bible 100% yet, are not the least bit concerned that more than 95% of the practices of denominated segregated bodies have literally no foundation in the Scripture whatsoever and some of them even fight against the clear direction of Scripture and the message of the Gospel. 

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