My Confession.

As a religious least for me...I reached a point where I found myself sloshing around in the religious hog-wash of man-made tradition and man-made doctrine in the pig-pen of religion where substantial spiritual truth was lacking when compared to the teaching of Jesus and the post-cross scriptures. As I surveyed my segregated pig-pen (denominated building known as church) I saw God's people feasting on swine food thinking that it was true spiritual food and unaware that they were in the presence of the religious stench of "hog wash". I thought to myself; "I am in this hog-wash-mess of religious deception because of my own choosing and approval. It was my choice to accept what the denominated seminarian taught me as truth without question. I bought the myth of Sunday-go-meetings as God's way of doing Church. I bought the lie that religion was God ordained therefore, God's way.

In spite of the fact that as ungodly as the religious system is, God in His gracious love and mercy, sometimes manifests His presence in the midst of the religious "hog wash", not because religion is the right way, but to honor sincere seeking hearts of the people, but still I found myself desperately wanting spiritual reality. After many years living in frustration, confusion, discontentment and spiritual barrenness, I became aware of my own harlotry and and found myself in a pool of religious deception, finally I swam towards the freedom of God's grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. There I discovered His open arms of welcome, His unconditional acceptance, His ravishing love for me and His approval of me because of His love for me, what He has done for me...not because of what I could do for Him. 

I found in the ocean of God's Grace, spiritual waters of satisfaction, contentment and love and freedom from the bondage religion brings.

This confession in no way is a reflection on the people caught up in the clutches of religion including the people that run the show. I am talking about the religious system that has swallowed up and deceived God's people to the point that it hinders the expression of Christ through His Community of the Redeemed. 

You are a loved child of God, may you love others as God loves you.

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