The Questions Answered. Part 1

I will attempt to answer the question posed to me...why is it that you have such disrespect for religion, thus denominations? Why have you forsaken the beliefs you held to for so long that you believed to be right and now believe to be wrong?

I will be honest here, I do have a deep disrespect for both religion and denominations, but let me be clear, I have the deepest respect for Christ, His Church and His Gospel!

Many of you in Christendom cannot understand how that can be, and view me as a deluded, disgruntled, irrational, and out of touch with spiritual reality. And to tell you the truth, if I now believed as you believe and you now believed as I believe, I would think the same of you, why? Because I would accept the deception I would be deceived by as truth, as you do, therefore, ​conclude that I have lost all my spiritual marbles.

The big difference between what you believe and I believe boils down to my perspective of "Church" and the fact is...I do not believe that what is accepted as the cultural norm church as anything spiritual significant at all where the believer’s life is concerned. My understanding of “Church” is not a segregated, name-tagged, denominated building where Sunday-event-driven-programmed-meeting takes place for two hours on a weekend where the denominated seminarian preaches a denominated sermon to give the denominated people their denominated fix. Do you honestly accept that system as the Church Jesus said He would build?

The Church that Jesus said that He would build is built with lively stones...His Ekklesia, the people of God who are the very Body of Christ. Church is not a matter of “people gathering” in some building where man runs the show for two hours on a Sunday. Yes, the Church is the Lord’s “assembly”, but it is His people gathering unto Him who is in them to do His work through them in their daily living as loved children of their loving Father. The Church is even much more than people, the Church is Christ working through His Body, the people.

A segregated, religious, denominated building where some man-run programmed meeting takes place on a Sunday could never be the Church that Jesus is building. That is why I can lay aside my traditional concept of church and its “weakly, weekly meeting” and not feel in any way shape or form as separate from the Church of Jesus Christ...The Lord’s Church...that is a daily life living interaction between people and not some two hour Sunday-programmed religious meeting.

So the Church I love is the called out, most royal, assembly of God in Christ is a living organism, not a Sunday-get-together-meeting of the institutional system that has no scriptural basis, but is established by men who brought the Old Covenant organization and mixed it with the New Covenant organism and hindered the purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ as the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity. The religious denominational institution, as the self appointed mediator between God and man robs God’s people of experiencing God’s love and grace and hinders a true relationship with God and dwarfs true spiritual maturity, that is what I disrespect and whose beliefs I have discarded. I in no way disrespect the people that gather within its prison walls of segregation and deception.  That is not to say that no  truth is proclaimed by people of God in the religious institution, but when truth is mixed with untruth the truth is diluted and that causes the truth to be of little effect.

The admonition from the Word of God in Hebrews 10:24-25 to keep assembling together speaks nothing of a weekly ritual of attending some segregated denominated building as the “assembling” of His Church." It says nothing about finding some denominated seminarian to submit to, a program to plug into, a choir to sing in, or any other religious activity. It merely references an exhortation to keep fellowship with one another as (Sundays grow more difficult)...NO IT DOESN’T SAY says; as the days (of which there are seven in a week) grow more difficult and we need the encouragement of one another.

Do I love, honer and cherish the “Church”...most definitely, that means I love, honor and cherish you as a member of the Body of Christ, but I do not like the religious system that has you in its grips!

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