be the Community of the Redeemed that will affect the Community of Humanity with the gospel of God’s love and grace, we MUST recognize and acknowledge the religious deception we are in. We MUST forget the irrelevant deceptive past and the stagnant deceptive present of religious institutions. We MUST kill man-made doctrines and we MUST turn from the man-controlling, man-manipulation and the cheap tricks of our man-made solutions.

Jesus Christ has given us Himself! He no longer dwells in “temples made with hands”, you cannot “go up to bring Him down or down to bring Him up.” His new embodiment rejected our religiously “improved,” religiously “adjusted,” and religiously “readapted” spirit. For He desires not to renew our spirit but, to put His Spirit within us, He desires not to rejuvenate our lives, He desires to give us a new life...His life.

We dare not go back to the way it was, nor settle for the way it is. We cannot continue to live in denial of our religious deceptions. We must not bribe the future with easy consumerism, futuristic fads, futuristic personal agendas and programs, and all the other gimmicks to try and gain members and suck money from people.

The people of the world need spiritual reality and spiritual direction but, it will not come from religious institutions with its possessive, obsessive, repressive and oppressive man-made doctrines of partial truths, narrow truths, shallow truths and distorted truths. It can only come from Jesus...Who is TRUTH.

We must liberate Christ from our Sunday-go-meetings and remove the mutual exclusivity and segregation of denominations in buildings called Churches. Then we must allow His reincarnation of Himself within us to work through us to fill the earth with His glory. The claim by the inerrantists that the Bible is an inerrant repository of Truth is an affront to Jesus because the Bible itself, by the record of Jesus Himself, declares that Himself is Truth...“I am the Truth”.

The Bible is not the totality of God’s dealing with mankind, rather it is a signpost that points to Jesus, whose dealings with man will continue as long as mankind is around. Jesus is not contained, restricted or imprisoned between the leather bound covers of a book known as the Bible. Jesus is much bigger than the Bible!

Without the Spirit of Truth the Bible is nothing more than letters written on paper...without any life in and of itself. We must lay aside the Bible as the final authority and move to Jesus and His Spirit as the final authority, for Jesus is the lens through which we interpret the scripture as the Spirit gives the words of scripture life’

This liberation means laying aside all our religious preconceived ideas and know how...end our relationship with religion and start all over in a relationship with Jesus Christ where He is the Head of His Community of the Redeemed and His Spirit is the teacher of His people.

How do we begin...with


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