"Denominations Are Not The Problem Causing Division"...so states a Religionist!

Here is one religionist's view on his being an effective spiritual warrior in God's victorious army. I guess religionist's like him consider themselves the ultimate spiritual warfare machine. they have their arsenals filled with bible verses to shoot from their cannon mouth, ready to fire at a moments notice to bind the devil from doing what is against God's will. The thing is, with all their spiritual armor they say they are protected with and all their screaming to cast out devils with the shooting of bible verses at people whom they think are demonized...the devil is still having a field day because their fighting against him is like fighting against a class 5 hurricane, having little or no effect at stopping it.

I have placed his comments in square brackets.

[The devil and his demons got it right too. I am a fighter. I am also a wrestler. I take my cue from Paul. Paul told the Ephesian church in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.]

I guess if you self-affirm your self-assertion long enough you will convince people you are what you self-assert, even if there is no evidence to confirm what you claim to be, such is self-delusion!

This person not only claims he is a spiritual fighter, he is also a spiritual wrestler and he claims he is ready to defeat the devil and his demons because of his great bible knowledge. He also claims to have Paul as his coach. If his fellow fighters and wrestlers have Paul as a coach also, am I to assume that Paul is a poor coach...if I were to determine Paul's coaching ability on this guys ability to fight and win against the devil, Paul would need to go coach training school because the results of these guys are pathetic when it comes to them being victorious over the devil and his schemes. In fact they are siding with the devil's scheme while thinking they are fighting against it.

Here is what David Wilkerson said regarding the accomplishment of such self-acclaimed spiritual warriors; “The entire church structure of America could not stop the showing of (The blasphemous film) “The last Temptation of Christ”… in twenty five years, have we stopped abortion? No, it’s worse than ever…there are Christians right now who claim they are taking the world for Jesus. But I don’t know of one country they have taken.”

I would add to that, they have not even taken ONE CITY for Jesus!

Back to the wisdom of this self-appointed spiritual General. [There are those who are always fighting human beings and if you`ll go on internet there is no shortage of those who are always fighting against denominations. But those of us who are spiritual realize that our fight is not with flesh and blood as the Apostle Paul said. It goes far deeper than that into the spirit realm. Denominations is not the problem that is causing division. That is Satan`s strategy today to get us so hung up on denominations and fill us with bitterness that we are useless in the real battle which is not against flesh and blood. Back in Paul`s day there weren't any denominations but yet Paul had to write letters to churches back then to address the problem of division.]

Based on the paragraph above, I can only conclude that his spiritual ignorance concerning the wiles of the devil in his use of denominations to divide the people of God is only rivaled by his ignorance of denominationalism. To fight against denominationalism is to fight against a spiritual entity not a human entity, denominationalism is an offspring of the devil thus, "spiritual wickedness in high places."

The religious system has spawned thousands of segregated denominations  as a result of disagreements over doctrine and tradition leading to segregated denominational buildings of  DIVISION. The disagreements became so bitter that the different groups began to oppose one another and went so far as to send armies on the battlefields to support their creeds with carnal weapons. Each group made their own regulations, wrote their own creeds and disciplines and upheld them by every possible means. Luther denounced Zwingli as an heretic. The Calvinist would have no dealings with the Lutherans. Calvin consented to the burning of Servetus because of differences of religious views, while in England we are told the Anglican Protestants waged bitter war against the Catholics and also Protestants who would not conform to the established church. Thus we see from history the true spirit that animates denominationalism and that spirit has not changed unto this day.

“Christianity includes a myriad of different denominations that disagree with one another in name, organization, doctrine, worship and practice. Such activity clearly constitutes division, not unity. Yet all the denominations claim to be right and to follow Jesus Christ...that cannot be so. If we really want to please God, we must forsake following religion and follow Christ.”

The fundamental flaw of denominationalism is that error is accepted as truth! If the denominational concept is true, then all denominations are acceptable to God even though they flatly contradict each other regarding worship, salvation, doctrine, tradition, etc. This means error is just as good as truth and self-righteousness is just as good as righteousness.
 Denominationalism is built upon a false foundation and is animated by a false spirit, notwithstanding the fact that many believers are courting the Babylon whore, having never realized her fallacy nor imbibed her false spirit. However, a little honest-hearted investigation on their part will reveal her false foundation, position and practices. Her foundation is one of division, which God strongly condemns.

Paul wrote letters to the Church in disbelief that after coming out of the religious system of the day, the believers were willing to go back under the bondage of the religion of the day and commit spiritual adultery with the Babylonian Whore.

To say that denominations do not divide and segregate the people of God is to be so steeped in religious deception that one is blind to denominational reality. Fighting against the spirit of denominationalism is spiritual warfare because its roots are in the soil of Satan, but it is not fighting denominated people as this person believes it is.

Do the religionist's way of doing spiritual warfare work...not according to its history...Why...because it is not scriptural spiritual warfare!

Much more needs to be said regarding the way self-claimed ultimate spiritual warriors fight and wrestle that is anti-scriptural...it could be the subject of some future series of posts.

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