Does "Religion” Drain The Scripture of Spiritual Substance?

Does the religious institutional “Church” have a lack of spiritual vision, an excess of mystery ignorance regarding Church reality, an over abundance of awe-lessness for God, and is religion void of reality in experiencing a dynamic intimate relationship with God causing them to be dull in understanding the believers need to experience the reality of God? Is religion responsible for saints hearing talking denominated mouth-pieces explain God and the bible according to their denominated beliefs, draining the bible of its spiritual substance?

Are religious leaders more interested in interpreting scripture in light of their belief system, while believers in relationship with God are more interested in experiencimg  Christ’s purposes and passion?

Spiritual maturity grows from an intimate relationship and a dynamic experience with the living God...not a intimate relationship and an experience with dead religious institutions.

The world began with the story of God and His plan and purpose for creation to be brought fruition. However, somehow our endeavors have changed God’s story to bringing religious purposes to fruition. The rise of denominationalism has led to "faith in our faith" being the object of the "institutional churches” existence, as the rules and routines of the denominational hierarchical experts legislated the protocols for “Church” order for maintaining our relationship with God and the way people worship.

Is the institutional “Church” more interested in conceptual content rather that perceptual it more about the content of scripture rather than the context of it more intent on the goal of heaven rather than enjoying the journey along the way to it more interested in denominational doctrine than spiritual it more interested in perceive perfection rather than honest admittance of our human it more interested in monologue ramblings rather than dialogue it more interested in hell fear-mongering people than into God's kingdom than it is loving people into God’s creeds matter more than propositions matter more than passion.

Preachers preach from scripture more to validate denominational doctrines and end up draining the scripture of its spiritual substance, they then skin it of its context, stuff it with religious tradition and mount it on a denominational pedestal and present it as truth when it is nothing more than limp moralistic objectives because they have filtered spiritual truth through denominated cultured intellect.

To relegate scripture to the traditions of the past and man-made doctrines of the present renders it lifeless to the reality of the future where open-ended dramas demand the attention of our believing, and hinders personal interaction between our Creator and us, His creation.

The scriptures were never meant to be a denominated doctrine builder because of its content to establish segregated denominated churches or to be the beginning and ending of God’s dealing with man, rather through its historical and contextual context it was to point to Jesus as the finisher of our faith and the reveler of the gospel.

Let's give the scriptures its rightful place so it will do its rightful work.

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