Jesus Did Not...

Religion in a desperate attempt to stay alive, worships the cross of Christ while living as if Christ did not finish His work on the cross, all the while ignoring to bare their own cross. They want to believe that the cross of Christ was substitutionary, meaning He died so people don't have to. Therefore they do not believe they have to die to their own wants and desires and they believe they do not have to die to religion.  By their actions they obey religion above obeying the words of Christ.


Jesus did not serve people so religion could be served by people.
Jesus did not become poor so religion could become rich.
Jesus did not humble Himself so religion could exalt itself.
Jesus did not give us grace so religion could mix grace with the Law and nullify grace's effect.
Jesus did not forgive people of sin so religion could judge people because of their sin.
Jesus did not die on the cross so religion could assign people to hell.
Jesus did not love sinners so that religionists could hate sinners.
Jesus did not build His Church so religion could establish denominated buildings and call them churches.
Jesus did no pray for the unity of His Church so religion could divide His body by segregated name-tagged denominations.
Jesus did not gives us pastors, teachers, apostles, prophets so that religion could form a hierarchical structure to manipulate and control people.
Jesus did not set us free so religion could put us in religious bondage.
Jesus did not bare the stripes upon His back so religion could start a money making healing ministry.
Jesus did not die so religion could live.

Jesus Died So That Religion Would Die By Our Abandonment Of It, So People  Could Have An Intimate Relationship With God Through Him...Something That Religion Can't Accomplish For Us. 

The Stripes bit deep into His back, the spikes were driven deep in His wrists, the thorns were pressed deep into His brow, the sword was driven deep into His side and He was spit upon, all the while He was forsaking the one thing that separates people from Him...your "religious" self and religion itself, that stems from eating of the tree of the "knowledge of good and evil", who play the shame, blame and fear-mongering game to get you to cover your nakedness with religious fig leaves of religious performance so as to appear spiritually pious.

People are free in Christ to be free from religion!

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