Lies Preachers Preach About Hell. Part 1

 What the fear mongering preachers thunder from the pulpit regarding hell...including "turn or burn" forever in Hell's torture not scripturally sound.

The aim of religious fear mongering is to keep saints and the sinners fearful and ignorant regarding hell...and hence the people will seek hell-proofing menacing hell as an endless punishment to keep people subservient by saying it is God's design, their scare tactics are a figment of the religious mind.    

That is covert (covert because the underlying agenda is unknown to most, or it is not openly taught), FASCIST  religion. Keep everyone in fear keeps them submissive, disables them to think for themselves and keeps them deceived. At the same time the fear-mongers rob them of their money by telling them that they are under a curse if they do not give 10% of their money to the Lord by giving to the denominated church.

Religious fear mongering ignites authoritarian aggression more than anything else. The aim is to keep people filled to the brim with fear so they will act from fear-fright. Don't expect the fear-mongers to curb their fear mongering, they have their underlying reasons for trying to scare the hell out of everybody.

Often the fear-mongers sermon is prefaced with the words, "This is God's message not mine". This statement renders them unaccountable for what they preach (at least in their mind), and it has to be truth because it is God's message...such manipulation is demonic in origin. What then flows from the mouth of the fear-monger is man-con-cocked fear fables that is accepted as bible truth, however, it is not Jesus truth.    

The first line of  bracketed quotes referenced at the beginning of the paragraphs below have all come over the pulpits as preachers preached "God's message". Judge for yourself if it is of God or not.

"Jesus said twice as much about hell as He did heaven." 
The fact is, that the word "hell" is used in the Authorized Version of the Gospels fourteen (14) times, while the word "heaven" is used in the Gospels one hundred and fifty (150) some times. I wonder, do the hell believers ever "study to show themselves approved unto God a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth".

"Hell is Heaven's junkyard." 
That is not even worth a remember, the preacher said, "this is God's message not mine". I wonder what God is he talking about?

"Hell is the eternal home of every person who rejects the gospel. 
"Hell" is not in the Greek Scriptural Vocabulary. "Hades," is but, it is not an eternal abiding place, nor is it ever referred to as a "home." Nowhere do the Scriptures speak of souls remaining in Hades permanently. Did this guy write his own Bible?

The Demon conference ended with this resolution; "Lets get the pastors in every congregation...let's tell them to tell their people that a loving God would never send anyone to a place [Hell] this horrible." 
This though not in the Bible, may very well be true, if it is it is the only truth in the lot.

"The preacher says, 'Just go ahead and do what you want to. The grace of God gives you a blank check to sin and do as you please.'" 
It is beyond me that hell believers could say such a thing. The denominational preachers say no such thing, and to attribute that statement to them is in gross error. Most denominations teach and preach a strict adherence to the Old Testament Laws (though this is contrary to the teachings of Jesus).

On the other hand, religion does teach a multitude of sins, that are not sins according to the Scriptures. The teaching that it is a sin not to tithe is one of them. Tithing was for the nation of Israel. Only certain commodities were tithed. Only Levites could receive tithes. It was used for administering their office in the Temple. There is no man-made temple today. There is no Levitical priesthood today. Paul NEVER taught the Gentiles to tithe. Paul never said, "God loves a cheerful tithe-payer." Read Paul's epistles and notice that those under Grace are held to a much higher standard of conduct and morality than those who put themselves under law. Paul instructs Titus to set standards of morality for elders in the church that are far higher than what was expected of law-keeping Israelis. How many law-keeping clergymen do you think would qualify according to Titus 1:9: " ... able to entreat with sound teaching as well as to expose those who contradict." Much of today's Christian teachings are so unsound and unscriptural that they do nothing but contradict.

"If you never hear another gospel sermon you'll hear enough gospel today to stand before the judgment bar of God-guilty as charged."
Don't flatter yourself, Mr. fear-monger, this sermon of yours on Hell can hardly be called a "gospel sermon." You didn't preach the gospel. The gospel is "good news." Your sermon was "bad news." Why do religionists assume that the fruit of the true gospel will culminate in "standing before the judgment bar of God...guilty as charged?"

"What is the result of the gospel without the torture chamber of hell?"
Good News! The question I would ask is; what is the result of the gospel with the preaching of such a place as is turning people away from God...that is the result. There is no gospel (or good news) in hell fire teaching.

"If you don't believe there is a hell to be saved from you won't win people to a loving God."
One doesn't have to believe in a fabled Hell of eternal torture to realize that there is plenty to be saved from! How about saved from sin and evil? What about being saved from ourselves? What about being saved from weakness, stupidity, ignorance, foolishness, vanity and religiosity? What about being saved from corruption, immorality, mortality and death? Are these are things to be saved from?

"Jesus believed in Hell."
This is putting words in Jesus/mouth...Jesus never even said the word "hell" so how could He believe in it? Mark 9:46" be cast into Gehenna, into the unextinguished fire, where their worm is not deceasing and the fire is not going out." This is not "hell." This is "Gehenna." So why call it "hell?" The exact Greek word is Ge'enna (in Hebrew it is: RAVINE-of-HINNOM). It is a ravine just below Jerusalem where the city waste was incinerated.

The "ravine of hinnom" (Gehenna) was the city garbage dump in Jerusalem where the garbage was burned. And just like all garbage dumps, there were worms. The reason they didn't die out was because there was a constant supply of refuge being fed them.  Gehenna is a real place. This place existed at the time Jesus spoke these very words. It was burning with fire, with a daily supply of garbage, and a daily supply of worms to eat it. But if you go there today, it is not burning and there are no worms. This Gehenna is not eternal

How is it that so claimed learned men can so pervert and corrupt the scripture? There is not one word in either the Greek or Hebrew languages that means "a place where evil dead people suffer in hell fire for all eternity." What "exact" Greek or Hebrew word has such a meaning.

Part two to follow.

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