Look Beyond the Human Factor for Spiritual Insight.

One of the things that disturbs me, (for what that is worth) about Sunday-go-meeting services and televised evangelists is that spiritual insight usually comes...to the "pew-warmers" or "couch-listeners"...served religious platters by man-trained denominated professionals, appointed by the denominational hierarchy to feed God’s people a diet of denominated  hash that they say is given by God to them for the spiritual welfare of people. It seems the denominated elite does not accept that the Spirit loves to speak to God's children about spiritual things concerning His love and will for our living life and delights to give us the honor of sharing in the Community of the Redeemed that which God gives us via His Spirit for the Community of Humanity.

The dominate teaching of religion is..."God” has placed denominated spiritual leaders and teachers in His Body and if what we, the lay person, believes to be from God, differs from the views of the man-appointed, man-anointed man-respected teachers, it is strong evidence that the pew-warmers have misheard God's appointed Teacher...His Spirit!

Now I fully admit that your favorite spiritual human teachers may have a far deeper theological understanding than we, the "pew-warmers" or "couch-listeners" do, but does that make them infallible and better suited to hear from God? I would hazard a guess that no one on the this earth has a one hundred percent correct interpretation of every aspect of the entire Bible.

No matter how spiritually wise people claim to be, they, like you and me, have their own blind spots, their own hidden failures and their humanity, culture and environment influences their judgment when interpreting the Bible. We must not be content to have blind faith in any human teacher, but must...personally...seek the Spirit's conformation.

Even when God’s counsel comes to us through people, it is our responsibility to ensure that God truly is the real source of the information. The scriptures preserves for our knowing the instance in 1 Kings 13, where a young prophet let himself be persuaded by a more mature prophet who claimed to have heard from God. Though it was contrary to the younger prophet’s personal leading he chose to believe the more experienced prophet. The mistake cost the young man his life.

When it comes to Bible interpretation...dependence  on the human factor at the expense and independence of the Spirit factor, leads to the fear-factor of the deception-factor relevant to Bible misinterpretation.

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